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Chongqing is a port city with the largest municipal area and population in China. There are rich tourist resources in Chongqing. Now, follow me.

This is light rail.(the subway)

The sights of Chongqing bowled over the unsophisticated tourists.

山城 The mountain city.

洪崖洞HongYadong is the witness of history and Culture of Chongqing and the symbol of sprite of Chongqing. It is like stilted building, It has a long history .2300 Now what you are visiting is a newly built one, which has been invested by a famous local enterprise, as high as 300,000,000 RMB. becoming a key scenic spot, AAA tourism projects. It has a function of sightseeing, relaxing, entertaining.

The scene of hongyadong

Three features: Diaojiaolou, Ba culture, ancient town. Four streets: Zhiyanhe Pub Street, Tianchengxiang Ba culture street, Food street, Foreign Custom Balcony. In a near future, Hongyadong will be the best place where the world can know Chongqing, and the world can fall in love with Chongqing. and it will also be a place which changes traditional lifestyle of Chongqing.

洪崖洞整体业态分为纸盐河酒吧街、天成巷巴渝风情街、盛宴美食街及异域风情 城市阳台四条大街。四条大街分别融汇了时尚元素,有美国全球连锁海盗酒吧等 一系列全球知名酒吧的加盟。

解放碑Jiefangbei as a symbol of the buildings in chongqing, often appeares in all kinds of goods and place logo.

? Chongqing Jiefangbei is the only one of all of China to commemorate the victory of the Chinese nation, to commemorate the great contribution of Chongqing to the country. ? Jiefangbei square is not only a Shopping center of Yangtze river, but the biggest shopping mall, leisure centre, scenic spot, business center, entertaining center. ? 解放碑也是中国西部地区唯一建成的金融CBD,中国第三大 ? 全国特色文化广场 ? 中国著名商业街 ? 全国"百城万店无假货"活动示范街 ? 全国精神文明创建活动示范点 ? 重庆十字金街 ? 中国十大新地标商务区

? 路易威登(LV)、古驰 (GUCCI)、蒂凡尼(Tiffany)、阿玛尼(ARMANI)、巴宝莉 (BURBERRY)、纪梵希(GIVENCHY)、卡地亚(Cartier)、杰尼亚 (Ermenegildo Zegna)、积家(Jaeger-LeCoultre)、万国表(IWC)、欧米茄 (Omega)菲拉格慕(salvatore ferragamo)、托德斯(TOD’S)、尚美巴黎 (Chaumet) ? 真维斯Jeanwest,美邦 Metersbonwe, ? 森马Semir,鸿星尔克Erke,耐克 Nike

Enjoy your life
? You need some food when you are tired and hungry. Now, we are here.

? 担担面 dandan noddle

? Hot and Sour ?Rice Noodles 酸 辣 粉

? Maocai 冒菜


火锅Chongqing Hot Pot
? Hot pot is the most famous and favorite dish in Chongqing

? 口水鸡 Steamed chicken with chili sauce


Chowhound paradise
? chili-fried chicken cubes 辣子鸡 ? Sanxian noodle 三鲜米线 ? Twice-cooked pork 回锅肉 ? Chicken comp

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