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American Family Life


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The definition of family Introduction of family Family structures Family evolution

The definition of family
According to the U.S. government, a family is those people who live with others to whom they are related by blood, marriage, or adoption.

Introduction of family
? 70 million families in US. ? A very small percentage of American households consist of a working father, a stay-at-home mother, and children under 18. ? About 15% of American households consist of two working parents and their children. ? The majority of American households consist of married couples without children, single parents and their children, or unrelated people living together. ? 25% of Americans live alone. ? Average family size – 3.2 people

Family Structures
? Immediate family
– a new one is created when one marries – if unmarried, includes parents and siblings – if married, spouse and children

? Extended family
– includes grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins – extended family members usually live in separate households

Family Types
? The nuclear family consist of a husband, wife and their children, living in a house or apartment. ? The extended family Consist of the immediate family, and other relatives connected by blood or marriage. ? ? ? ? One-parent/ single-parent family Blended family Homosexual family Dink family

Family Memembers
? Typically, the family group that occupies one household consists of parents and their unmarried children. ? Middle-aged and elderly people generally do not live with their married children.

Many families still live by the old principle that father's word is law. In many others, Father is rarely home when the children are awake, and, as far as the children are concerned, mother is the dominant personality and major decision maker.

The role of man and woman in a family
? Man: ―breadwinner‖—responsible for financial support of the home and family members. ? Woman: housewife—responsible for emotional support, child raising, and housekeeping. ? Changes: working mothers, househusbands

Living Situation
? About three-fourths of American families live in areas classified as urban, less than 5 percent of Americans live on farms, but small town living is still widespread. A greater number of Americans live in suburbs (about 37 percent of the population) than in cities (about 31 percent).

Mobile homes
? More than 7 million Americans live in mobile homes (once called house trailers). Mobile homes are living quarters built with wheels. They can be moved, but generally they are brought to a site that is intended to be more or less permanent. Then the wheels are removed, and the home is fastened to the ground. ? Because they cost much less than conventional

Family reletionship
? The children ? Love and Marriage

The children
? American children have been expected to ―leave the nest‖ at about age 18, aft

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