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Reading work----<the hobbit>

These days, I have been working on <the hobbit>. And now, I have finished reading it. The book leaves a deep impression on me. There are three main characters, I think. The no.1 hero is a hobbit named Bilbo. Baggins. The story is under the line of a adventure and his growing up, not referring to his appearance’s growing up, it’s a real growing up of his heart. In the beginning of the story, he was a typical hobbit, living in his small but comfortable hole and hating to make any change to his quiet life. But until one day, his life began to change. A witch came to invite him to join in a adventure to find a lot of gold, and in return, he promised to give him a part of the gold. Because the witch believed him and there were so many people taking apart in(15 people including himself), he agreed. By the way, the no.2 hero is exactly the witch, his name was Gandalf. The no.3 is a dwarf called Thorin. He is the leader of 12 dwarves, so there are 15 people altogether.

The adventure was beginning. Their aim was to find a lot of gold which belonged to Thorin’s ancestor that was stolen by an evil dragon named Smaug. At first, the others except Gandalf all thought Bilbo was useless and timid, but after Bilbo was lost in the castle of a group of goblins, the others saw his courage and wits. Bilbo escaped from being killed and got a ring that could make him unseen. And now, the witch Gandalf got something to do and had to leave them. The others all felt depressed and hopeless towards their next adventure, because Gandalf has enormous power and helped them go through many troubles by using his power. Maybe in their eyes, without Gandalf, they would have died already. They can’t imagine how they can reach their destination and find the gold. But Bilbo gave them hope. He behaved more and more outstandingly, he saved their lives 2 times by himself alone and so that he won their respect. Even in the hardest program, he could handle it successfully, but he felt unhappy gradually because he found that the others were more and more dependent on him. He felt tired and bored, all he wanted was to go home and enjoy a quiet life. He was sent to find the way to kill the dragon and get the gold, after he spied on the dragon with his protected ring many times, he finally find a way—a loophole in the dragon’s body.(By the way, in a time, he was almost found out and caught by the dragon. There were many difficulties and danger. But he had to do it because the others made him think it was a kind of mission.) The dragon was protected by his great solid amour, but there was a hole in the amour. But what a pity, they couldn’t kill the dragon themselves, the dragon was so strong and he could breathe fire. Finally, a human who was good at archery killed the dragon, because a bird who got the message that there was a hole in the dragon’s amour by listening to the dwarves’ talk got this message across to the man. So there was a scramble for the ownership of the gold. Thorin didn’t want to give up the gold because it was his family’s treasure, but the man also didn’t want to give up because he also paid much effort. So the two parties had a big battle. They gathered many people and army coming from their relatives. In the end, in order to end this fight, Bilbo found a way and gave out all the gold that was supposed to be his. The gold was divided into two parts (not equal), and the dwarves owned more. In the mean time, Gandalf came back and spoke highly of Bilbo’s act. At the end of the story, Bilbo went home with nothing,

but he lived more happily than before.

In the story, I have learned something from Bilbo. He wanted to live quiet, but when a real adventure and some difficult times came to his life, he received it and did his best to recover all the difficulties. In the fact, he was a timid person, when he came across these difficulties, he also felt frightened. He also thought of giving up, but he thought about his friends. In the castle of the goblins where he was lost alone, he thought about his friends and he wanted to be with them again and finish the adventure, so he chose to be brave and wanted to try his best to escape. In the castle of the elves, he was come for by the elves (because the elves thought they were bad guys), but his friends were caught by the elves. He realized he would be the only one who could save them, so he became brave and smart. He was laughed by the dwarves at first, but in order to help Gandalf who believed him most, he tried to make them accept himself and of course he did. He is a man of word, he never broke his promise; I enjoy his loyalty to friends and his brave. And what’s more important is that he equaled money to nothing. Everyone likes money and gold, so does he. But not everyone can give up money for peace. He came home with nothing, but I think he has earned the most important thing. In this adventure, he earned friends, brave, smart, and his real growing up, so he could live more happy than before. Maybe he was not Gandalf who had magic, and he was not Thorin who had power to dominate all the dwarves and had a lot of gold, but his experience in this adventure made him a mature man. Life is not always a adventure that can make you a better person, but you have

to regard life as an adventure and do something to change it and make it better.

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