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About a boy

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About a boy


Will Freeman lives a very comfortable and leisurely lifestyle in London thanks to the successful Christmas song that his father composed. He does nothing but watch TV at home and hang out with different women. After he broke up with Angie, a single mother, he found it easy to date with single mothers. As a result, he attended a single-parents group called "SPAT" (Single Parents Alone Together) to meet potential female partners. To be believed, he lied he had a two-year -old son named Ned. His plan succeeds and he meets Suzie. Will's pursuit to court Suzie takes him to one of the group's functions – a picnic – where he meets Marcus, a 12-year –old boy of Suzie’s friend----Fiona.

After the picnic, they came to Marcus’ home, only to find his mother overdosed on pills in a suicide attempt. Will gave a hand in order to be a reliable man but at the same time, Marcus realized only two people is not enough, his mother needs support. The most appropriate person is Will. So he hangs out at Will’s apartment after school every day instead of going straight home.

However, Will begins a relationship with a single mother named Rachel, and lied Marcus was his son. But at the request of to be honest, Will reveals the truth,

and their relationship came to an end. One day, Marcus finds his mother crying in the living room, he wants to make her happy, so he came to Will for help.

But Will gets angry with him because the end with Rachel, and they had a fight. Thus Marcus decides to sing a song at the school concert. However, everyone is laughing at him, and he has no company. Fortunately, Will appeared and helped him finish the performance with an encouraging applause.

At the end of the movie, these two became good friends but Fiona and Will did not come together.

My comments

The movie starts with a sentence: Every man is an island. Yes, everyone is single in the aspect of nature. But we can reach other islands with various boats. The boats we use are communication. Through social activities we set up bridges to get to other islands. This is a story about being mature, not only for the little boy---Marcus, but also for Will, the person who doesn’t know the meaning of “responsibility”. He just wants to date with different women for sex or for fun. When he was tired of them, he would think about some seemingly reasonable excuses to get away with them. That’s the reason why he chose to be with single mothers. After some time with Marcus, he learnt that as a man, he should take responsibility for himself and others. So he told Rachel the truth although he loved her. This is an obvious proof of his maturity compared with what he had done before. At the same time, Marcus was taught to take care of his mother. He is a special boy with special soul, and he is the only source of his mother’s happiness. At the beginning, he doesn’t know and tried his best to find a father for his mother. On the contrary, he forgot to spend more time with his mother and it made his mother felt lonely, crying in the morning. Afterwards, they all realized the proper way to themselves and for the one they loved. This is a great progress of their growing process. When it comes to the title “about a boy”, I first think about it may be a story about a little boy,while it’s a story also for a big boy. This can only be learnt when you finish watching the film, you would be surprise to see the changes taken place in Will. All in all, it’s a touching movie and worth watching again.

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