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P2 1. (What season is it?) It’s Spring Festival (春节). (What are the children doing?) The children are wishing the man a Happy New Year. (What is the man on the left doing?) The man is giving red packets (红包) to the children. (What’s in the red packets?) There is cash (钞票) in the red packets. (Will you get red packets? Who give you red packets?) In Spring Festival, my parents and grandparents will give me red packets. (Do you like Spring Festival?) I like Spring Festival very much.

2. (What season is it?) It’s summer. (Is it hot? Where is it? What are the children doing?) It’s hot and children are swimming in the swimming pool. (What can you see?) Two children are sleeping, two are running and two are swimming. (Who is good at swimming, the boy or the girl?) The girl is good at swimming because the boy is swimming with a life buoy (救生圈). (Can you swim?) I can swim as fast as a shark. I swim in winter. (Who teaches you swimming?) My coach (教练) teaches me.

3. (What season is it?) It’s autumn/fall. (Where is it?) It’s in the park. (What can you see?) I can see two children are flying the kites and two children are riding the bicycles. (How is the weather in fall?) It’s cool and nice. (What do you do in fall?) I often go to the park with my parents in fall. (What else can you do in the park?) I can go boating

(划船) in the river. (What can you see in the park?) I can see leaves (树叶) are turning (变得) yellow but some flowers are blooming (盛开).

4. (What season is it?) It’s winter, around Christmas. (Where are the people? What are they doing?) They’re going to the Fun Shopping Center (购物中心/商场) to buy some toys. (What can you see in the picture?) There is a big Christmas tree in the shopping center. The Santa is giving gifts to the children. (Do you like winter?) I like winter very much because my birthday is in winter and I can make a snowman in winter when it snows. (What did you have this Christmas?) I’ve got lovely candies from Santa this Christmas.

P4. (Where is it?) It’s in the fast food (快餐) shop/KFC. (What can you buy in the fast food shop?) I can buy hamburgers, French fries, fried chicken and cola in the fast food shop. (What does the girl want? What does her mother want?) The girl wants a hamburger and cola. Her mother wants some hot tea. (How much will they pay?) They will pay (付钱) 21 dollars. (What are the three children on the right top doing?) They’re having a birthday party because there is a birthday cake on the table. (What happens to the boy on the right?) He overturns (打翻) the cola and ice-cream. (How does he feel?) He feels sad. (What’s your favorite fast food?) My favorite fast food is hamburgers.

P6. (Where is it?) It’s in the library (图书馆). (What can you do in the library?) We can read books and borrow (借) books in the library. (What can’t you do in the library?) We cannot make a phone call (打电话), talk loudly (大声说话) or eat and drink in the library. (Who are doing wrong in the picture?) The two boys are talking loudly. The mother is telling a story (讲故事) to her children. The girl is drinking cola. They’re doing wrong (错的). (What are the children doing at the computer corner? Are they playing computer games?) They’re surfing (冲浪) on internet or reading books on computers.

P8. 1. (What time is it?) It’s 7:30. (How does Peter feel?) Peter is so worried (担心/着急) because gets up late.

2. (What does he do?) He brushes his teeth and packs (整理/打包) his school bag quickly.

3. (Where is he going?) He is running/rushing (快跑/冲刺) to school. But the door of the classroom is locked (锁住的) and there is no one in the school.

4. (Why there is no one in school?) It’s Sunday. There is no school on Sundays. (What’s the date?) It’s the 8th of May, 2005. (the eighth)

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