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029 The Intimate Couple

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029 The Intimate Couple

There once was a top and a small ball in a big toy box. The top said to the ball. "We are living in this small box together, so why don't you marry me?" But the ball with a beautiful leather jacket, ignored his proposal.

The next day, the owner showed up. He painted the top with red and yellow colors and drove an iron nail into it. "Now, it looks perfect!" The owner spun the top round and round. When the top spun, he looked very nice.

"Look at me! I look great huh? Now, would you marry me?" The top asked the ball again. "We will be a great couple. You can jump up and down, and I can dance."

But the ball with the great leather jacket ignored him again. "I am wearing a wonderful and elegant leather jacket. There is no comparison between you and me." The ball was still cold. The top begged her to marry him. "But the master loves me very much. Please marry me."

"No way. I am engaged to a swallow. Whenever I jump up in the air, he asks me to marry him, and I say yes." "Really? Well, then there is nothing I can do about it." The top was very disappointed.

The next day, the owner brought the ball outside. The ball jumped very high and down. But this time, the ball didn’t come down after she jumped up. The owner searched everywhere, but he couldn't find the ball. The top sighed and said, "She must have followed the swallow. I hope she is happy with him."

But the top could never forget her. A few years passed. The top was all painted with a golden color. When he spun powerfully with a buzz, he looked wonderful.

One day, he spun so hard and fast that he flew away. The top landed on the roof. The roof was full of all sorts of things.

"Oh, what is that crumpled thing over there?" The top went close to it. Even though she was worn-out, it was the ball with the leather jacket. "Hi!" The ball couldn't recognize the top because he looked so different than before.

"It's me. Top." She recognized him and cried. "I didn't follow the swallow. Actually I liked you, but my pride didn't allow me to marry you." After that, the top and the ball got married and lived happily ever after.

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