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3L看听学 lesson37-38

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pupils/'pju:pls/ 小学生

Liz /liz / 莉兹

Lillie/'lili/ 莉莉

twins 双胞胎

she /∫i:/ 她
She is a mother.

Lesson 37

Mr Crisp:

Good morning,children.


Good morning,sir.


Mr Crisp:

Sit down ,please.

Mr Crisp: These two girls are new pupils.

? .

Mr Crisp:

Mr Crisp:

Their names are Liz and Lillie.

Liz and Lillie are twins. They're in our class.

? .

Mr Crisp:

This is...er...Liz.

Mr Crisp:

And this is...er...Lillie.

? .


I'm not Liz. I'm Lillie.


She's Liz.

? .


I'm not Lillie. I'm Liz.


She's Lillie.

? .

1.Mr Crisp:Good morning,children.

Class : Good morning,sir. Mr Crisp:Sit down ,please. 2.Mr Crisp:These two girls are new pupils. Their names are Liz and Lillie.

3.Mr Crisp:Liz and Lillie are twins. They are in our class.
4.Mr Crisp:This is...er...Liz. And this is...er...Lillie.

5.Lillie:I'm not Liz. I'm Lillie. She is Liz. Liz:I'm not Lillie.I'm Liz. She's Lillie. 6.Mr Crisp:Twins!

Lesson 38

Chinese/t∫ai'ni:z/ 中国的;中国人 China/'t∫ain?/ 中国

French/frent∫/ 法国的;法国人 France/fra:ns/ 法国

German 德国的;德国人 Germany 德国

Italian/ i't?li?n/ 意大利的;意大利人 Italy/'it?li/意大利

English/'i?gli∫/ 英国的;英国人 U.K. 英国

American 美国的;美国人 America 美国






What nationality is he/she? are they? They areis … He/She

What is his/her job?

teacher actor actress
He is a / an …

She is a / an …


Miss Williams Mr Crip is English. Miss Williams is English,too.She is He is a teacher. a teacher,too.


They are teachers.

Paul 保罗

George 乔治

Paul is French.
He is an actor.

George is French,too .
He is an actor, too.

They are actors.

Maria 玛利亚

Laura 劳拉 Laura is Italian,too .

Maria is Italian.
She is an actress.

She is an actress,too

They are actresses.

Hans 汉斯 Hans is German.

Fritz 费兹 Fritz isGerman,too.

He is a policeman. He is a policeman,too.

They are policemen.

Jane 简 Jane is American.

Diana 戴安娜 Diana is American,too. She is a policewo man,too.

She is a policewoman.

They are policewomen.

Lesson37-38习题 一 .英汉互译 。 Pupil ____________ she __________ 双胞胎_________ 男演员______________女演员 ___________ 男警察________ 女警察________________国籍__________ Teacher ________ 二. 按要求写出正确词形. Actress(复数)____________policeman(复数)____________ New(反义词) _____________ teacher(复数) ____________ ( ) 1. Laura is ____actress . A. a B. an C.\ ( ) 2.They are ____our class . A.on B. at C.in ( ) 3 .I’m _____Lillie . A.no B.not C.yes ( ) 4 . Their __are Lucy and Lily . A. names B. name ( ) 5. ____ is Lillie . A. I B.My C. She 三、用所给词语的适当形式填空: 1. schoolbag is on the desk. (I) 2. Look at pictures. They are very beautiful.(this) 3. Look at this dog. tail is

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