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The Hawk, The Kite, And The Pigeons 老鹰、纸鹞和鸽子

The Pigeons, terrified by the appearance of a Kite, called upon the Hawk to defend them. He at once consented. When they had admitted him into the cote, they found that he made more havoc, and slew a larger number of them in one day, than the Kite could pounce upon in a whole year.

鸽子们见了纸鹞外貌就很害怕,便请求老鹰保护它们。 它立刻答应。 它们让它进了棚舍,它们才知道老鹰为害更烈,一天之中杀死他们的数目,比纸鹞在一年里攫去他们的数目还要多。

Avoid a remedy that is worse than the disease.


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