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少儿8 Lesson7 第三课时

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Lesson 7
Will you play football tomorrow?

shopping list /lIst/ 购物单 supermarket 超市

shopping cart /kA:t/ 购物车

The big baby

“You’ll have to look after Edward,” a woman told her husband, “I’m not well today.” “I’ll be happy to look after our baby. Shall I go shopping for you? I can take Edward with me,”

the husband said.
“You are so nice. Thank you. I’ll give you a shopping list.

Please look after our baby well.”
“Yes, I will. Have a good rest.” The man left home.

When he arrived at the supermarket, he put the baby in the shopping cart.

Then he began to look for the things to buy.
Suddenly the baby began to cry. He kept crying.

“Be quiet, George,” the man said. “Don’t shout, George.”
A woman saw all this and said to the man, “You are a good father. You are so good to George.” “No,” the man said. “I am George. He is Edward.”

Notes: 1. look after 2. go shopping 3. arrive at 4. shopping cart 5. begin to cry 6. arrive at


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