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少儿⑧ Lesson 12 第一课时

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Lesson 12

Look! What are they doing?

Did What



C = Conductor T = Mr Turner MT = Mrs Turner

C: *** , please. May I *** your *** please, sir? T: I’m sorry, I *** it. C: Did you ***one. T: Oh, yes, but I can’t find it now. C: I hope you can find it. I will ***in a minute.

MT: What is that ***? Is it your ***? T: Oh, yes, it is. C: Did you ***, sir? T: Yes, here it is. C: OK. Please be careful ***.

Can you make a dialogue like that?




1.wake 2.forget 3.ride 4.draw 5.read 6.have

7. make 8. do 9. write 10. come 11. buy 12. are

单项选择 ( )1. There a volleyball match tomorrow. A. will B. is going to C. will be D. is ( ) 2. He is going to after class. A. plays B. play C. played D. playing ( ) 3. I going to shopping. A. am; go B. was; going C. am; going D. are; go ( ) 4. Tom and Jane going see a film? A. Is; / B. Are; / C. Are; to D. Is; to ( ) 5. What your brother going to tomorrow afternoon? A. are; do B. is; do C. are; doing D. is; doing ( ) 6. We 12 next year. A. want to B. are C. will D. will be ( ) 7. Ann to the cinema every Saturday. A. goes B. go C. will go D. went


1. George is (fly) a kite with his friends now. 2. Mary is an American girl. She (sing) quite well. Listen! She (sing) a new English song. Can you (hear) her? 3. The students (listen) to the birthday song now. 4. Look! The old man (walk) slowly. The boy (read) a book. And the twins (run) quickly. The dog ( play) in the garden. 5. Kate (speak) Chinese and English very well. 6. He (have) a big mouth. 7. I usually (go) to school at seven thirty. 8. Tom (not sing) very well. 9. They usually (do) their homework at home. But Jack (do) his homework at school. 10. The sun (rise) from the east.


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