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少儿⑧ Lesson 10 第一课时

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Lesson 10

Is Lily taller than Lucy?


A: Is Lily taller than Lucy? B: Yes, Lily is taller than Lucy. Q: Who is Lily? Who is Lucy?

A: Is _____ _____ than _____? B: Yes, _____ is _____ than _____.

strong, Li Ming, Sun Li

short, Jim, David fat, Tom, Mike

A: Which box is heavier, the yellow one or the green one? B: The yellow one is heavier. The yellow box is heavier than the green one. The green box is lighter than the yellow one.

A: Which box is bigger, the red one or the blue one? B: The red one is bigger. box, big, red, blue

car, clean, red, white

building, high, green, orange

older fatter heavier bigger safer

larger busier hotter greater fewer

thinner cheaper later cooler angrier

比较级,要变化,一般词尾加er。(long-longer) 词尾若有哑音e, 直接加r就可以。(nice-nicer) 重读闭音节,单辅音字母要双写。(hot-hotter) 辅音字母若加y, 记得把y变为i。(happy-happier)

tall younger hotter fatter nice



cheaper colder hotter busier thinner


than than than

A: Tomorrow is Sunday. Will you play football? B: No, I won’t. A: What will you do? B: I’ll play ping-pong.

Have a rest!

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