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sad movie

发布时间:2013-10-02 15:30:44  

In my heart, love is very important to me. I have a boyfriend, his name was Tom. We falling in love in last spring. By the way, I have a best friend who named Cody.

At the beginning of love, my boyfriend love me so much, I think he is very gentle and polite. Yesterday was my 20 birthday, I was intended to go to cinema with my boyfriend, but he said he had to work, I feel so disappointed, so I must went to the show alone. When I arrived at cinema, I found this movie was so romantic and just as the news of the world started to begin, I saw my darling and my best friend walking in. When they turned down the light and turn the projector on. At this moment, I feel puzzled. I ask myself: he said he busy to his work, why he came up there with Cody"

Although I was sitting right there, they didn't see me. My boyfriend and Cody sat right down in the front of me. I can't focus on the romantic movie anymore and just saw my daring kissed Cody's lips which made me almost died.

I think this day is a black day, my lover betrayed me, my heart was broken down, so I just walked back to home, when I opened the door," what's wrong with you, honey Why are you so sad"? My mother saw the tear and asked. I didn't want to told my Mom what happened and I just told her" sad movie make me cry! "But my Mom didn't believe me, after that, I told her all the thing! "Everything will be OK ,don't be cry"! she

told me. After two days, I felt well....I sent a message to my boyfriend "Goodbye, my lover"

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