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一、写出下列字母的左右邻居,注意区分大、小写字母。(14分) 1. F_______ H 2. ______ s _______ 3. _______W________ 4. p _____r 5. ______ u ______ 6. ______I ______ 7. ______ N ______ 8. ______ k _______

二、填入所缺的字母, 使其成为一个完整的单词并译成中文 (10分)

1. ___ ___ at , ____________。 2. pen__ __ l , ___________。

3. rul __ __ , __________。 4. colo__ __ , ____________。

5. g__ __ d , ____________。


1.( )你想知道对方姓名,应说_

A.My name is Han Mel. B. What's your name? C. Hello.

2.( )早上遇见刘老师,应说_

A.Thank you,Mr. Li. B.How? C.Good morning,Mr. Liu.

3.( )别人向你打招呼 Hello!你应说_

A.What's your name? B.Hello! C.Thank you. 4.( )假如你叫林峰,当有人问你What's your name?时,你应回答_____. A.I'm fine,too B.Nice to meet von C.My name is Lin Feng. 5.( )见到客人站着,你应说, A.Sit down.please. B.How are you? C.I'm fine,too. 6.( )下午与同学见面,你应说____

A.Good afternoon. B.What's your name? C.How are you?

7.( )晚上分手时所用礼貌用语是:

A.Hi! B.Hello! C.Good night! 8.( )当经介绍后认识某人,你应该说: A. Good morning. B. Please sit down. C. Thank you. D. Nice to meet you.

9.( )上课铃响了,教师走进教室,班长应该说:

A.Please come in. B.Good morning. C.Stand up.

10.( )想知道对方的年龄,应怎样问?

A.How old are you? B.How are you? C.How do you do?.


of , with, at, in, on , Thank you, must, doing

1、 There is something wrong ________ my watch.

2、They go to the park _________ weekends.

3、This is an old photo __________ my family.

4、Mike usually gets up _________ 6:45.

5、We _______ go home now. 6、We plant trees ________ spring. 7、“ What is he _______?” “ She is reading.” 8、A:Happy birthday to you! B:____________. 五、按要求改写下列句子,每空一词。(10分) 1. Open the window, please. (改为否定句)

________ open the window, please. 2. I can see a bottle of water on the table. (就划线部分提问) ________ can you _________ on the table? 3. There are thirty students in the classroom. (对划线部分提问) How _________ __________ are there in the classroom?

4. There are some birds in the picture. (改为一般疑问句句)

__________ there ___________ birds in the picture?

5. They often play football on the playground.(就划线部分提问)

________ ________ they often _______ football?

六、 用所给动词的适当形式填空。(10分)

1. It’s time _____________(have) lunch. 2. Can you __________(jump) very high? 3. I want ___________(go) and play basketball. 4. Jim and Bill________________ (sing) in the room now. 5. What’s in the ___________(teacher) room? 6. There are some __________(book) on the desk. 7. Is _________(we) football under the desk? 8. There ________(be) a picture of my father in my bag. 9. The boy often _________(play) football here . 10. Let _________( we ) help you find it. 七. 选择填空(20分) 1.( ) The students ______ their homework every day.

Now they _______ their homework. A. do, do B. does, doing C. doing, are doing D. do, are doing 2.( ) What' s wrong ______ your pencil-box? A. about B. with C. for D. of 3.( ) _______ are working now. A. The women workers B. The woman workers C. The women worker D. The woman teacher

4.( ) “What are the students doing?”

“Some______ books and others ______ at the blackboard.”

A. are looking, are reading B. are reading, are watching C. are watching, are looking

D. are reading, are looking

5.( ) “Can you help me with my English ?”

“________________________” A.I think. B. Yes, I can. C. I can't think so D. No, thanks 6.( ) The students are going to ______ trees on the hill. A. playing to B. planting C. plant D. working 7.( ) I want ________ the house. Could you ________ me? A. clean; help B. to clean; help C. to clean; to help D. cleaning; to help 8.( ) The children are __________TV now. A. watching B. reading C. looking D. seeing

9.( ) What _____ the man ______ over there? A. is, do B. are, doing C. is, doing D. are, do 10.( ) Where's my pencil-box? I ______ it. A. am not seeing B. am not finding C. can't find D. can't look at 11.( ) It’s time to ______ up. A. getting B. got C. gets D. get 12.( ) One of the boys_____ my brother. A. is B. are C. am D. be 13.( ) Let's come and ______ some water. A. to drink B. drink C. drinking D. drinks 14.( ) The players are playing _____ football. A. a B. an C. the D. / 15.( ) ______ are the two students doing in the classroom? A. Who B. What C. Where D. Whose 16( ). That girl is new in our class . Do you know ___________ name? A. her B. she C. he D. his 17( ).—Can you play with a yo-yo , Jim ? —Yes , I ___________ . It’s easy . A. must B. can C. am D. may 18 ( ).September 10th is ___________ . A. Women’s Day B. Children’s Day

C. Mid-autumn Day D. Teachers’ Day 19 ( ). This second-hand camera is much ___________ than that new one . A. cheap B. cheaper C. dear D. dearest 20 ( ).Every morning, I have ______ egg and _______ glass of milk for my breakfast.

A、an?an B、a?a C、an?a D、/?a


Some students are in Han Mei’s house. They are talking about many things. They are eating and drinking something. Han Mei’s mother is cooking for them. It’s eleven o’clock. It’s lunch time. They are eating. Han Mei says, “Help yourselves.” Jim likes eggs. Kate likes rice. Lucy likes bread. Lily doesn’t like bread. She likes bananas. They are drinking ten bottles of orange. They are having a very good time.

( )1. Who are in Han Mei’s house?

A. A student B. Some students C. Han Mei D. Jim, Kate

( )2. They are drinking ten _________.

A. bottle of orange B. bottles of orange C. bottle of oranges D. bottles of oranges

( )3. ________is cooking for them.

A. Han Mei B. Some students C. Han Mei’s mother D. Han Mei’s father

( )4. Lucy ________.

A. likes rice B. likes eggs C. likes bananas D. likes bread

( )5. When are they having lunch? ________.

A. At six B. At seven C. At twelve D. At eleven

九、阅读对话,根据对话内容判断,正确 “T”,错误“F”。(5分)

John: When is my birthday, mum?

Mum: Your birthday is in May.

John: And when is my father’s birthday?

Mum: His birthday is in April.

John: And you, mum?

Mum: My birthday is in June.

John: Oh, dear! Father is only one month older than me, and I am one month older than you, mum!

( ) 1、John’s birthday is in January.

( )2、John’s father’s birthday is in April.

( ) 3、John’s mother’s birthday is in June.

( ) 4、John’s father is only one month older than John.

( ) 5、John is one month older than his mother.


My father __ 1____ a good friend in the factory (工厂). He is sixty. He is an old man. All of the children like him. We call ____2___ Uncle Sam. He __3___ from England. He ___4___ in Sichuan. He can’t __5____ Chinese. We teach(教) him Chinese He ___6_ us English. He ___7____ work on Sundays. He __8___ making things. And he likes watching TV with his children at night.

( )1. A. have B. haves C. has D. is

( )2. A. he B. they C. him D. his

( )3. A. come B. comes C. goes D. to come

( )4. A. live B. living C. lives D. to live

( )5. A. speak B. tell C. say D. talk

( )6. A. teach B. teachs C.teaches D.teaching

( )7. A. do B. don’t C. does D. doesn’t

( )8. A .likes B. like C. to like D. liking

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