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The story about Confucius
Team ::张鑫晖 赵丽琼

Confucius’ life
Confucius (551-479BC)was a great Chinese thinker ,historical figure, and philosopher. Confucius believe that carrying out the policy of benevolence thought needs the rulers to have a virtue. He had traveled across China to publicity his political philosophy ,but just few people can accept it 。

The way of teaching
? Confucius’s way of teaching people was to travel across China and talk to them. He thought individuals should have good morals and always do right thing . He also felt that people should have strong ethics and behave in respectful manner .

? He had saved many schools ,he had three thousand students ,many of them had been very successful such as Ran you. And his political ideas had been accepted. ? Now many Confucius’s schools in the world. Confucianism is considered to have been a great influence on Eastern thought and can be compared to influence of the Greek philosopher Socrates on the West.

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