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Growing Pains

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Growing pains

Teaching Objective

The objective of knowledge and skill: To help students practice their oral English by talking about the problems between children and parents.
The objective of emotional attitudes and values To help students form a positive attitude towards growing pains and learn to solve family problems


Teaching procedure
Step 1 Lead-in watch a short video of the American TV series “Growing Pains” and ask them several questions. 1.Have you ever watched the American TV series? 2.Do the characters in the TV series have growing pains?

Step 2 Brainstorming Ask the following questions to help the students recall their memory. ? 1. Do you think that your parents try to force you to spend your spare time doing things you don’t like? ? 2. When you have a problem and want to talk to someone, who do you choose to talk to?


Step 3 Role Play

1. Invite some students to play the roles of the fathers or the mothers in the pictures.
2. Ask some other students how they would respond to their parents if they were the students in the pictures.




? ?

Step 4 Situational Imagination Students are required to create a situation to describe growing pains based on the four pictures and the words given on the black board. (This is a group work, so the students are divided into 4 groups to compete for a prize.) Pac 1 Saturday, Li Ming, music, shout at, angry, confused Pac 2 Lily, get home, not later than 6 o’clock, late, 7 o’clock, explain, not trust, depressed Pac 3 Lisa, ask for signature, a waste of time, angry, interest Pac 4 Tom, play computer games, upset and angry, a rest, a time limit, control oneself

Step 5 Further discussion ? . Describe an unpleasant experience with your parents (including 5W---When, where, who, why, what) and invite some students to share their experience.


Step 6 Summary We have talked about growing pains and have a discussion about the problems between parents and children. From the class, we know that understanding and communication can be the best way to bring parents and children together and help students get rid of growing pains.

? Step

7 Homework Write a letter to your parents about something you want to talk with them.

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