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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is a symbol of pop culture figure, and he is a highly influential singer, composer, lyricist, and dancer, record producer, philanthropist, humanitarian as well as the fashion leader, he deeply influenced and promoted the development of popular music, referred to as the king of pop.



Record Sales 111 Million

The most famous
《 Thriller 》


《Thriller 》

From the year 1987 to 2001,Michael released another five albums--

Bad Dangerous

Blood on the Dancer floor Invincible

--13 Grammy Awards

We are the World

We Are The World We Are The Children We Are The Ones Who Make A Brighter Day

So Let’s Start Giving

No other performer in history has received as many awards and accolades as he has. No other performer in history draws the kind of excitement and mass hysteria that he does. And no other performer in history has done so much in the way of humanitarian efforts than he has.

There has never been one like him before ,a nd there will never be one like him again.

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