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Please look at these pictures. How beautiful they are !

But one day something happened

What natural disaster it is ?
It is a sandstorm It is very frightening

Sandstorm is a meteorological phenomenon commonly found in arid and semi-arid regions. It is resulted from convection currents created by intensive heating of the ground. These currents can create wind up to 120km/h and appear as a solid wall of dust as much as 1,525m high which blow over a long distance.

Sandstorm is a kind of climatic hazard. It occurs when strong wind raises and carries along clouds of sand or dust which is so dense that it obscure the sun and reduce visibility to less than 1 km.

The cause of the sandstorm
Sandstorm is an interaction of wind and sand in the severe weather phenomenon, its formation and the earth greenhouse effect, EI Nino, a sharp drop in forests and vegetation destruction, species extinction, climate anomalies and other factors have an integral relationship. Among them, the population expansion caused by excessive development of natural resources, excessive deforestation, excessive reclamation land is the main reason for frequent sandstorms.

? 1, the deterioration of ecological environment ? 2, production and living ? 3, loss of lives and property of the production and living ? 4, traffic safety (planes, cars and other traffic accident) ? 5. Harm to human health


The things we need to do
1Return farmland to forest and grassland, restore natural ecological protecting belt 2Establish anti-sandstorm ecology belt in desert regions. grow anti-desertification plant in desert regions . 3Properly control the stockbreeding business on prairie.Leave the prairie in idle and reduce desertification.

4 Promote the environment-protection awareness of herding people.To include every person on the prairie to protect the environment, stop random tree-cutting, random hunting, safeguard the ecological balance.

When the dust storms happen around us
1. Close all windows and doors.
2.Fix the things on the balcony well . 3.wear a mask . 4.Drink more water. 5.Wash face more. 6.plant more threes.

In conclusion
we should control the growth of population ,reduce the pressure of man-made factors on land , protect the environment . Everyone should join the active which protect the enviroment . we should do it. Eradicate the sandstorm , it 's good for our life.

In order to wonderful tomorrow. let's go. to make a dreamy world .

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