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Loves thoroughly, and hates thoroughly also. Repays a debt of gratitude also thoroughly, the revenge is also thorough. This is reads " Christ mountain revenge in me records " after the biggest feeling.

China has the proverb is called the " gentleman revenges(报仇), ten year not late ", revenges also is needs to conserve strength, certainly is not may act rashly by reason of for a while the state of mind. But Christ mountain count, then was most concrete the motion explains this proverb with oneself.

After experiences 14 years in prison, his life essential meaning was pursues ever the family member, ever benefactor and ever personal enemy. After confirmed had to seek person, he certainly did not have like us such which saw in the chivalric fiction novel, held the fist in the other hand cloud " to the benefactor goes through fire or water, again did not hesitate ", assassinated to the personal enemy one sword. He chose his own way.To ever had the graciousness to own ship owner one, he used up it energy, silently supported, by the various way, actually always did not let them know actually own was for repay a debt of gratitude.If he repays a debt of gratitude moving, then his revenge is so the incisiveness, also has several after us calls unavoidably to have the dessert is startled.

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