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课前小练习 (3)

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1、We are going to learn ____today。

A. lesson one B. one lesson

C. the lesson one D. Lesson One

2、My sister is in ____ .

A. Class One , Grade Two B. Grade Two ,Class One

C. One Class , Two Grade D. Two Grade , One Class

3、He decided to buy ____of flowers , but he only get one ____flowers.

A. hundred , hundred B. hundreds , hundreds

C. hundreds , hundred D. hundred , hundreds 4、3.57 can be written as ____。

A. three point fifty-seven B. three point five seven

C. three and five seven D. three and fifty-seven

5、I get up at ____every day.

A. twenty past seven B. twenty seven

C. seven past twenty D. seven twentith

6、He was born ____。

A. in the 1970's B. in 1970s

C. in 1970's D. in his 1970's

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