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课前小练习 (9)

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1.You should do your homework ____next time.

A. carefully B. more carefully

C. most carefully D.the most

2. He ____ to school at seven?

A. often go B. go often C. goes often D. often goes

3. He has____ visited the school.

A. already B. yet C. still D. often

4. He still works at the desk until____ every night.

A. latest B. last C. lately D. late

5.He was three hours later than____ .

A. usually B. usual C. more usually D. more usual

6.I ____want some coffee.

A. too B. also C. as well D. either

7.Tom was here a few minutes____ .

A. ago B. before C. last D. late

8. The time will come back ____.

A. no more B. not more C. no longer D. not longer

9.On my way ____ , I lost my wallet.

A. to home B. for home C. home D. at home

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