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课前小练习 (6)

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1、This is an____book.

A. interest B.interesting

C.interested D.interestedly

2、The teacher is____to come.

A.the certain B.will C.certain D.still

3、I am____than him.

A.more tall B.taller C.tallest D.most tall

4、This room is____as that one.

A.so big B.as big C.big D.bigger

5、Your English is____good.

A.pretty B.much C.far D.still

6、He is____of us three.

A.the tallest B.tallest C.taller D.tall

7、Beijing is one of____cities of the world.

A.the largest B.large C.largest D.larger

8、Now______young people go to college to finish their high education.

A.more and more B.much and much

C.many and many D.less and less

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