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Unit 9 Hot soup热汤 故事复述

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Unit 9 Hot soup热汤 故事复述

One day, Ann has two guests(客人). They are _______ and _________. . Mocky is

______________(hungry, thirsty). He wants a hamburger. Bobby is ____________(hungry, thirsty). He wants some

water. Mocky sees a big ________ , and a small __________ . The cold ________

(milk, soup) is in the jug. The hot ________(milk, soup) is in the bowl. (Milk, Soup)_______ is Mocky’s favorite

food. Mocky can’t wait. He drinks the soup. He is scalded(烫伤) by the hot soup. Ann gives(给)some cold __________

to Mocky. Mocky drinks the milk. He is all right.


1. A: How does Mocky feel? 马奇感觉怎样? A: What does Mocky want?马奇想要什么?

B: Mocky is _______(hungry, thirsty). B: He wants a _____________(water, hamburger).

2. A: How does Bobby feel? A: What does Bobby want?马奇想要什么?

B: Bobby is _______(hungry, thirsty). B: He wants a _____________(water, hamburger).

3. A: What is Mocky’s favorite food? 什么是马奇最喜欢的食物?

B: Mocky’s favorite food is ___________ .

4. A:What does Mocky drink? 马奇喝了什么?

B: Mocky drinks some hot ____________ and some cold___________.

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