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英语会考模拟卷2 250

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1.plant A.发展 2.place B.问题 3.hope C.发生 4.exam D.故事 5.question E.植物 6.happen F.地方 7.story G.希望 8.develop H.考试 9.victory I.克服 10.overcome J.胜利 二.单项选择(30%)

1.Could I take a message _____ him? A .from B. to C. for D. with 1.I enjoy ______ books.

A .looking B .to look C. reading D. to read 2.Thank you for______ me.

A. tell B .telling C. to tell D. told 3.I?m afraid ______ the dog. A .of B. to C .for D. at

5. --Thank you very much. --That?s my _______ A. happy B .glad C .pleasure D .nice 6. Could you ask her_____ me?

A. to write B.to write to C .writing to me D .write to 7. The days get _______ in summer.

A. longer B .shorter C .colder D .cooler 8. She is from Shanghai, ______?

A. is she B. isn?t she C .does she D. doesn?t she 9.We really enjoyed ______ with the farmers.

A. to word B. work C .working D .worded 10.Please _____ your coat. It?s cold outside.

A .wear B. wearing C. putting on D. put on 11.She often helps me _____ my English. A .study B. studying C. at D.for 12.It?s not very hot in autumn, _______?

A .is it B .isn't it C. is not it D. are they

13.In China there are _______ seasons in a year. A. three B. four C .twelve D .two 14._____ the weather like today?

A .What?s B .How is C. Whose D. Which is 15.I would like you _________ with me. A.play B.will play C.to play D.playing 16.This week we?re going to have ______to do.

A.many mork B.many works C.a lot of work D.a lot of works 17.Betty asked me to ______ my new pen here next time A.take B.bring C.carry D.borrow

18.It took ______ two hours _____ her homework yesterday.

A.she, to finish B.her, finishing C.her, finish D.her, tofinish 19.— ________. I?m late. —It doesn?t matter. A. Hello B. Sorry C. Excuse me D.Pardon ? 20.Peter is late ________.Please ________next time. A.this time...on time B. this time...be on time C.next time...on time D.next time...be on time

21. Mary ________ to school at 7:30 every morning. A. goes B. went C. going D. gone

22.—Why not ________ English? —That?s a good idea. A. speak B. to speak C. speaking D.speaks 23.You?d better ________ your bedroom.

A. to clean B. cleaning up C. clean up D.cleans up 24.—Children enjoy ________ games. —I think so. A. play B. plays C. playing D.to play 25.How many ________ are there in the hall? A. students B. student C. teacher D. a student 26 There ________ two pens and a ruler on the desk. A. are B. is C. have D.has

27.Mr. Green can ________ Chinese very ________.

A. speak...good B. speak...well C. talk...well D.talk...good 28.My sister makes me ________ my room on Saturdays . A. to clean B. clean C. cleaning D.cleans 29.Thank you for ________ me.

A. helps B. to help me C. helping D.helped 30.Welcome back home. — ________.

A. Thank you B. Hello C. Excuse me D. Pardon ? 三.阅读理解(30%)


Long, long ago there was a very foolish thief(小偷). Do you know what he did one day? When he wanted to steal(偷) the bell on his neighbour?s door, he walked up to the door, took hold of(抓住) the bell and pulled hard. The bell made a very loud noise. The thief was afraid and went home. ??

Then he sat down to think, “I must do something about the noise,” he said. He thought and thought. At last he had an idea. “Ah, I?ll put some cotton in my ears. Then I won?t be able to hear the noise.” The next day he went to the door of his neighbour, and took hold of the bell. This time he pulled even harder. The bell rang loudly, but the thief did not hear anything. With another hard pull he got the bell out. Just then the neighbour came running out. ??“Steal my bell? I?ll teach you a lesson(教训),” the angry man shouted. And he hit the thief on the nose. ??The foolish thief did not know how the neighbour found out he was stealing the bell. “Why did he come out just then?” he wondered (感到疑惑). ??( A. his neighbour B. his neighbour?s doorbell C. some cotton D. a door with a bell on it

??( )2. The thief put some cotton in his ears. He thought it would be for him to . ??

A. safe B. difficult C. dangerous D. easy ??

( )3. The neighbour ran out probably(很可能) because ??A. he knew his doorbell was being stolen

??B. he thought someone was eager (渴望的) to visit him ?? C. he realized (意识到) something strange happened ??D. Both B and C

??( )4. The neighbour hit the thief to . ??

A. give him lessons B. punish (惩罚) him for stealing ?? C. help him with the bell D. be his teacher ?? ( )5. Which of the following is TRUE? ??

A. The thief understood why he was hit on the nose. ?? B. The thief knew why the neighbour came out. ??

C. The thief thought the neighbour couldn?t hear the noise the bell made. D. The thief didn?t want to know why the neighbour ran out. ?? (2)判断10%(True or False)

?? We know mosquitoes(蚊子)very well. Mosquitoes fly everywhere. They can be found almost all over the world, and there are more than 2,500 kinds of them. ??No one likes the mosquito. But the mosquito may decide if she loves you. She? Yes, she. The male mosquito doesn?t bite! Only the female mosquito bites because

she needs blood to lay eggs. She is always looking for things or people she wants to bite. If she likes what she finds, she bites. But if she doesn?t like your blood, she will turn to someone else for more delicious blood. Next time a mosquito bites you, just remember you are chosen. You?re different from the others! ??If the mosquito likes you, she lands on your body without letting you know. She bites you so quickly and quietly that you may not feel anything different. After she bites, you will have an itch(痒) on your body because she puts something from her mouth together with your blood. When the itch begins, she has flown away. ??And then what happens? Well, after her delicious dinner, the mosquito feels tired. She wants to find a place to have a good rest. There, in a tree or on a wall, she begins to lay eggs, hundreds of eggs.

??( )1.All the people don?t like mosquitoes.

??( )2.All mosquitoes like to bite people for blood.

??( )3.If a mosquito wants to bite you, it means she is very tired. ??

( )4.The mosquito bites you too quickly and quietly to let you know. ??( )5.The itch begins after the mosquito flies away. ?? (3)完形填空10%

some pears. She said to the shopkeeper, “Please me some pears for five dollars.” ??When the shopkeeper gave her the pears, the girl them. Then she said, “Lfor the same money. Why did you give me so few?” ??“Don?t ask questions, my girl. I have time for questions.” “Excuse me, sir,” said the little girl, “but…” ??“That?s all right, my girl,” said the shopkeeper. “Don?t you understand? You get ??“All right,” said the girl and she put four dollars on the counter. She was going leave the shop when she the words, “Come back. You dollars.” ??“That?s all right!” said the girl, “Don?t you less money.” ?? 1. A. buy B. sell C. borrow D. pick 2. A.have B.give C.borrow D.lend 3. A. took B. saw C. got D. counted ?? 4. A.buy B.borrow C.bought D.borrowed 5. A. no B. much C. not a D. a little ?? 6. A. buy B. sell C. carry D. Bring

7. A.looked B.answered C.heard D.listened ?? 8. A. need B. must C. ought D. may 9. A.two ??B. three C.four D. Five

10. A.count B. counted C.account D.counting


1.In the fields, everything begins to grow.

2.It's clear that the trouble doesn't come from the computer but the person who works on it.

3.Good education was the only way to success and independence. Jane:Hi, I'm glad to see you,too. Would you like to meet my new friend? 4. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. 5.China is a country with a long history.

五.补全对话(10%) 1.

A: Hello! May I speak to Bill? B: Speaking!

A: Hi, Bill! This is Jane speaking. B: Hello!

A: I called you yesterday, but nobody answered the telephone. B: I went to the World on Water (水上世界) with my parents. A: Really? .

B: It was great. We saw the dolphin show (海豚表演). It was very wonderful. A: That sounds interesting. B: 

A: Oh, the day after tomorrow will be my birthday. B: Yes, I'd love to. Thanks a lot. A: You're welcome. 2.

This is Jack. This is Michael. Michael:

Jack: Fine, Thank you.

Jane:I'm going to study harder this term.I'm not good at speaking English, you know. How about you? Michael:

Jack:I'm on the school basketball team.why don't you join us? Michael: 六.作文(10%)


a balance of yin and yang阴阳平衡, keep healthy保持健康, exercise运动, eat a balanced diet平衡饮食, 标题已给出.

My lifestyle

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