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新八上unit5 小练习

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1. YangLin___________(not like )Healthy living.

2. I don’t mind _________________(she smok ) here.

3. Jim expects___________(get) a letter from his parents.

4. No news ________(be) good news .

7. Soap operas are very _____________, I don’t like them.

8. We should ____________from Lei Feng.

9. They are making so much noise .I can’t ______________it

10. I don’t mind _______________sitcoms


1.My mother asks me _______TV before finishing my homework.

A not to watch B not watch C not watching D to watch

2.She is new here ,so we know __________about her.

A nothing B something C anything D everything\

3.---What do you think of Penny?

----She is _______

A has long hair B tall C a student D nice

4.The food here was terrible , I _________it.

A liked B like C loved D couldn’t stand it

5.----What do you think of the TV sitcom The Big Theory? ----It’s _______ I like watching it .

A boring B funny C surprising D terrible

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