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Selena 给 Melody 小故事 和 童话

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The story

An honest child

Peter was night years old ,and he went to a school near his house .He always went there and came home on foot ,and he usually got back on time ,but last Friday he came home from school late .His mother was in the kitchen ,and she saw him and said to him ,"Why are you late ,Peter?" "My teacher was angry and sent me to the headmaster after class.”Peter answered.

"To the headmaster?” his mother said.”Why did she send you to him?" "Because she asked a question in class,"Peter said,"and none of the children gave her the answer except me."

His mother was angry and said to Peter,"But why did the teacher send all the other stupid children to the headmaster?” she ask Peter.

"Because her question was,"Who put glue on my chair ?"Peter said.


丑小鸭 Ugly Duck

It was a summer day in the country. Mother Duck sat on her eggs for a long time. After a while, one by one, ducklings came out of the eggs.

Ducklings: Peep, peep

Mother Duck: Quack, quack! Are you all out?

Duckling1: No, one egg is still here. Look ,how big it is!

At last, the big egg came open. This duckling was very big and not beautiful!

MD: Oh, my God! This duckling is big and different. I don’t like it.

MD: Oh, he is not a turkey. Turkeys can’t swim. He is my child.

Duck1: Look at that duckling! He looks so strange.

Duck2:He is so big and ugly. Go away! Go away! Go away!

Ducklings: I want the cat to eat you!

MD: Oh.You shouldn’t be here.

So the poor little duckling was very sad. In the end, he ran away.

UD: Why does everyone hate me? Is it because I am so ugly? But I am really nice.

The Ugly Duckling met two wild ducks.

Wild Duck: Who are you? You are really ugly.

Just then, many dogs came. The Ugly Duckling was very afraid. Because the dogs will eat him. “Sniff, sniff!”

Dogs: You are ugly!

And they went away.

UD: Oh, I am alive! No one wants me. Even dogs don’t want to bite me.

He felt sad. He was so cold and wet!

Finally, he arrived at a house.

An old woman, a cat, and a hen lived in this house.

UD: Can I have some food?

Old Woman: Oh, Is it a fat duck? Now, I can have duck’s eggs.

The old woman’s sight was very bad. A hen talked to him.

Hen: I can lay eggs. Can you?

UD: No.

Cat: I can catch a mouse. Can you?

UD: No.

Cat: Then, what can you do?

UD: I can swim.

Cat: Oh, no one can swim! You are sure drown!

UD: I won’t drown.

Cat and Hen: You are a big liar!

So the poor duckling was very sad, and he went away.

Soon, summer is in coming. The Ugly Duckling was swimming in the river. He saw some swans. UD: What beautiful birds! I wish, I could be them.

The weather grew colder and colder.

Now, winter came.

Finally, the river froze, and the duckling can’t swim.

In the morning, a farmer saw it.

Farmer: Oh, poor duckling! I will take you home.

Soon, the duckling got well.

But the children wanted to play with the duckling.

Children: Come play with us! Come play with us!

The duckling was afraid. And, he ran out the door.

A beautiful spring came. The Ugly Duckling saw the butterflies dancing .

One day ,he saw the river ,and want to swim ,and he jumped.

UD: Wow, What’s wrong?

He saw some beautiful swans.

So, he swam towards the swans. When the swans saw him,

they swam to him.

UD: Peck me, if you must!

And he bent his head to the surface of the water. The Ugly Duckling saw a beautiful swan looking back at her in the water!

UD: Oh! Is that really me? I am a beautiful swan! I am not an ugly duck!

The three swans welcomed the young swan.

Some children came to river to play.

Children: Look, there is another swan! This new one is the most beautiful of


The Ugly Duckling was so happy. Now, he was the most beautiful swan.

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