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sunshine future(阳光未来——家教中心)

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—— a tutor center

Group members: Nikki Lucy Judy Lareina Stella

?Our company locates in Tongren. ?Our customers are students.

three main tasks:
? Taking charge of school's education and administrative work.Moreover,I will be responsible for school's whole management. ? Building a perfect school's manage systems and rules. ? Developing student's morality,intelligence,physique ,beauty,labour.

Position: Communicator Duty:
a. Understanding the student's basic situation, undertaking to the students psychological communication and exchange, promoting students physical and psychological health. b.Understanding the students' learning difficulties,helping them to learn with correct ways.

c.Telling parents about learning situation of their children,let parents understand students' strengths and weaknesses,corrdinating the school and urging children to learn are the children being able to correct shortcomings, improving continuously.

? Form of communication: a.face to face at school b. a visit to the parents c. communication by phone d. chat online by QQ

Duty: A teacher the quality of teacher: patient ,responsibility,warmhearted ,helpful,professional...

How to become a good teacher? a. Help students on study b. Care for the student's life

What should we do ? a. Let students be interested in study. b. Teach some useful skills and solve some problem. c. Take party in some activities.

1. Gathering and offering some datas about financial budget. 2. Responsibilty for conplement and supervise the implementation on financial system.

3. Mastoring the financial status and the fund changes, then timely report to the headmaster. 4. According to the set time pay taxes, regular analysis the financial budget implementation.

Position: organizor Task: organization students developing outside activity,every week.
Program: a. students' safe and activity place. b. need all material in the outside activity. c. anticipate spending.

? Objective:
a. let students complete undstand knowledge every week. b. Let students's parents don't worried them childre acheivement. c.Let students more and more confidence.

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