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My hamburger’s dream

Hello, my name is Lv Bo Wei .Today i want to tell you a true story ,the name is “hamburger”.

The story happened in the middle school of Sichuan.One day,Miss wang showed the students a picture of hamburger.They stared at it for a while.“WA, it is my favourite food in the world.”

A boy said.At this time,Miss wang knows they never seen the hamburger.She had an idea. “My dear children, do you want to eat the hamburgers?”“Yes.” “OK.I would buy some hamburgers to you.” All the students are very happy.

After two days,Miss wang bought some hamburgers,But no one tasted the hamburgers.“Come on, tell us what is the taste of the hamburgers? ” “No, I won’t.” A boy said.“I want to bring it to my grandpa,my grandma,my mother, my father and my sister.They never seen the hamburger.”A boy said, “so do i.”So they packed the hamburgers.They keep quiet for a long time Dear teachers, how do you feel about the story?I think we should do something for them

right? I hope more and more people can help the poor children.I think we can all do it.That is all.Thank you

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