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A: Hi, boys. Have you ever seen this picture?

B: This picture? One wall was covered with colorful writings.,and the indignant in people’s eyes?

C: And a young man was trying to smash the wall with his hammer

A: Yep! And behind the young man, we can also see some reporters taking photos. So, what event does this picture talk about? Get any ideas, boys?

B: Er, I guess it might be the collapse of the Berlin Wall, am I right?

C: Yeah, I am sure it must be. Because you know, we just learned an article about the fall of the Berlin Wall.

A: Yes, The answer is absolutely right. So, boys, tell me the details about it, please! The more, the better. Thank you.

B: As far as I know, the Berlin Wall was built in 1961. It has existed for 28 years. And in 1989, the Berlin Wall collapsed. There are many people was so exciting to collapse the wall.

C: Yeah, and in fact, we also learnt that the official name of the Berlin Wall is anti-fascist defense wall, it was a product of the World WarⅡand the Cold War between East and West.

A: Ok, just listen to both of you, I get some information about the starting time, the ending time and the official name of the Berlin Wall. So, would you mind telling me the reasons and the influence of the rise of the Berlin Wall and the significance of the Berlin Wall?

B: Er, we know, after the World War Ⅱ, Germany and Berlin was split into four areas by four countries Soviet Union, the United States, Britain and French. Soviet Union occupied the eastern Berlin, while other three countries occupied the western Berlin. To avoid people in eastern Germany to western Germany, people in eastern Germany built the Berlin Wall.so,I think is a clever strategy.

C: Of course, the influence of the rise of the Berlin Wall is extremely far-reaching. At least, it formed a big obstacle between people in two areas. So, glad to the fall of

the Berlin Wall finally. I think the significance of the event may not just the realization of the national unity, but more important may be the obstacle, blocked in front of the people towards equality, democracy, freedom and nomocracy, was removed.

A: Now, I got it. You know I am always forgetful of historical events. Thanks. B,C: My pleasure.

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