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The Crow (乌鸦)and the Fox(狐狸)

A crow is sitting in a big tree. She has a big piece of meat(一块大肉)in her mouth. "My babies will have a nice breakfast," she thinks.

An old fox is looking for (寻找)his breakfast. He sees the crow and the meat. "How can I get that piece of meat?" he thinks. "Good morning, Mrs Crow," says the fox very sweetly(圆滑地). "How are you?"

But the crow doesn't say a word(一句话不说).

"You are very nice babies, Mrs Crow," says the fox very sweetly. "How are they? May I see them?"

Still(仍然), the crow doesn't say a word.

"You are very beautiful, Mrs Crow. And you have a beautiful voice(声音)too, " says the fox very, very sweetly. "Will you sing a song for me?"

Mrs Crow thinks, "How nice Mr Fox is! I must(必须) sing him a song." So she opens her mouth, "Caw! Caw! (乌鸦的叫声)" Down drops (掉下)the meat into the fox's mouth.

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