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You had some wine,right?

I wanted to help drive you home.

What is it that you like about me?

I do not even know .

I have been trying not to think about it.

Why did’t you order something at the party earlier?

I don’t know how.

Smells really good.

Is it good?

It si better than the stuff at the party?

How would you know ?

Anyway ,i’m not really used to that kind of place.

I figured you’re not either.

Talking about my voice again?

I’m always humming when I’m alone at home .and singing in the shower.

Next time ,you will have to sing for me .

I just goof around with the singing .

I’m busy tomorrow,the day after tomorrow,the day after that.

Let me finish, i con’t bear to see you like this.some things are best to be forgotten.

you think forgetting’s easy? When the person you love disappears in front of you.do you know that feels? Why don’t you teach me ? How to forget?

You don’t have to forget. But you can’t close your heart up. And never accept anything new. Easy for you to say.you never hurt . Because you have never loved. You can say you love me now , but where will you be ten years ,twenty tears,fifty years later.i won’t fall in love with anyone again. Because i’m afraid of loss.

Then i’ll tell you right now.

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