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Hello everybody, I’m Sunny Wang from Xingzhi Primary School. Today I want to share a story with you, and the name is “Cats and Dogs”.

Cats and dogs are the animals that are closest with people. Both have a lot of things in common but let’s talk about things that are different.

Dogs talk by barking. Cats talk by meowing. Dogs are like wolves. Cats are like tigers. Dogs move during the day. Cats move during the night. Dogs run and play. Cats purr and sleep. When they see their friends, dogs wag their tails. When they see their enemies, cats raise their tails.

When dogs jump up with their front paws, it means that they want to play with you. But when cats jump up with their paws, it means that they are going to harm you.

Their different body language might cause them to fight with each other.

That’s all and thanks for your listening.

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