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Unit 4 Where's my backpack? schoolbag bed clock chair desk bookcase sofa prep.介词 在……里 in on 在……上 under在……下 under the box. in the box. on the box. 1. The schoolbag is _______ the table. 2. His keys are ______ the bed. 3. The baseball is _______ the chair. 答案: on on under on the book in the box under the chair Pair work A: Where’s the… ? B: It’s in/ on/ under/… Where are the books? They are on the desk. Where are the dogs? They are under the tree. Practice Where are the keys? They are in the box. Where are the bags? They are on the sofa. Practice (一)根据中文提示写出英语句子,注意标点和大小写。 1.我的尺子在课桌上。 My ruler is on the the desk. 2.那只棒球在书包里。 The baseball is in the schoolbag. 3.那只钢笔在书的下面。 The pen is under the book. (二)选择1. Where is my book? It's under _____ table . C A. my the B. the my C. my 2. Where ____ his keys? A. is B. are C. am D. be B C 3. —____ your bag ? —It's on my bed. A. What's B. What C. Where's D. Where (三)完成句子 1、我的书在哪?在你的梳妆台上。 Where are my They are _______ _______ _______ books? _______ _______ on your dresser. 2、椅子在哪?桌子下。 Where are the chairs _______ ______ ? They’re _______ under the desk. Survey调查 Interview your classmates, fill in the form and give a report.(访问你的同学,填下表并作报告。) Name Things schoolbag books football Places on the sofa in the bookcase under the chair Tom Prep: behind 后面 near 附近 in front of 前面 本课句型 介词:in on under Where’s the baseball? It’s in the backpack. Where are the books? They’re on the sofa. We should keep our things clean and tidy. 我们应该保持一 切干净和整洁. Homework 1. Copy and recite the new words. 2. Practice the sentence pattern and make your own conversations.
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