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short story写作小故事

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Class 6 Clare 20120201030

Laura married Jim two years ago. She was a shopaholic and always wandered around every boutique in every street in the city. Jim accompanied her whenever she went shopping though he felt very tired after Laura finished shopping, he always went home with an air of happiness because he loved her so much. He always dreamt about having a child, but Laura declined his request, saying that she was too busy shopping to have a child.

One day, Jim was very tired after working all day. When he came home, he found Laura was not at home, so he dialed her number at once but there was no answer. It occurred to Jim that Laura must have gone shopping, so Jim cooked dishes by himself, thinking that Laura would be home later. After an hour, Laura hadn’t got home, so Jim became so worried that he rushed to the streets where he always came with Laura. After finding in many stores and corners, Jim still couldn’t find her. He felt his bubble of hope for life would burst without Laura. He then took out his cell phone and called the police. The policemen quickly searched for Laura here and there but failed.

When passing by a boutique in the avenue, Jim described Laura’s appearance and clothing to the shopkeeper and asked her if she ever saw Laura.

The shopkeeper answered, “There is a woman sleeping in the corner of my shop. You can have a look at her.”

Jim ran quickly to the direction which the shopkeeper pointed. Jim found Laura was sleeping so he awaked and hugged her.

Class 6 Clare 20120201030

Jim said mildly, “Honey! Finally I find you! You would not know how much I concern about you. You are my sunshine. You are the whole world to me.”

Laura was dazed and said, “Sorry, honey! I just spent all day here shopping here and I was extremely tired that I fell asleep. I should never do something like this again.”

“Really?” Jim was happy to hear that. Then Jim asked her worriedly, “How do you feel now?”

Laura replied with a smile, “Not at all. When I was asleep, I dreamt that I was in a shopping paradise where there are so many goods which are all that I want.”

Jim sighed and took Laura home. After a tired and thrilling day, they were about to bed. Jim said to Laura, “Laura, you think babies are always very lovely and cute, don’t you? Let’s have a baby.”

Laura said cheerfully, “Well. Why don’t we buy a baby?”

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