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I am a pig in good shape

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Zhu li zhi growth record J:I am a pig in good shape , and then I become proud of myself. Gradually, I seldom go to exercise , I am addicted in my romantic life. (猪很自信,很骄傲,变得好吃懒做) One day , there is a exciting sports meeting beginning , when he hear the news ,the pig is very happy , he attend the sports meeting too. His opponent is a habbit , and he is very confident about himself. One two three , running go! (猪兔赛跑一代猪神输了,猪伤心) F: yeah ,I win the game! F:Unexpectly, the pig who is like a soldier in the past time ,so facing this solution , he do not believe it , J:I am a loser , what’s wrong with me ? F:He is at a lose , he is knocked down the old tree.(dispointment) (心情郁闷,撞树) J:What a bad luck?I am at a loss, I think that I have lofty honour ,but the ctuel fact is state that I am be in trouble , (action ) Let me killded , I will get rid of all of upset. M:Ma ma mi ya ,who is tortured my old body. J:En ? can you express language? M:I have already heared your words ,my lovely baby ,don’t be sad with your failure. J:I don’t understand your meanings. M:Everyone will exerperience, the current focus is learn to solve the problems. J:Why ? M:Long long ago , I am so short , I am so weak ,and I am so sad (action) J:Then? M:Later, I absorb the essence of rain and sunlight .(吸收雨露阳光的精华) J:Is the miracle born?(奇迹诞生了?) M:Yes ,I am so tall ,I am so strong ,I am so happy.(action) J:I see, thank you for your avidce . F:So the pig decides to enjoy sunshine and drink water and wait for the rain . (猪效仿树只吸收雨露阳光,变得虚弱) Obviosly , he is ill at last and he become weak seriously . so he find the tree and complian : J:You just play a joke on me , I hate you M:What is wrong with you my lovely baby? J:I change my life habit just the same as you ,but I become so pale.(抱怨大树的建议让自己变得苍白无力)

M:Oh ,my god ,how stupid you are !you should find a correct way to success , such as exercise more and have healthy food and keep a bright heart and so on. J:Oh ,I see! F:This time the pig understand tree’s words really and he change him into working hard . later, he abandon the impetutous , he neither turn arrongant in victory nor lose heart in defeat. In the end make progress constantly.(猪变成励志猪,奋发向上) Finally, a pig and a tree is dancing ,the story tell us we should find a way which is suitable for us to seek for success and we should keep a normal heart to face life .


猪兔赛跑猪输猪郁闷伤心至极去撞树,撞醒了一棵老树,从而展开猪树对话,猪受启发分别进行第一二次寻成功之路,最后成功了,进行猪树共舞。这个故事告诉我们:胜不骄,败不馁,即使失败了要勇于寻找一条适合自己的道路。 F;旁白


M; 孟里

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