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Changes within one hour

An hour is very short, then suddenly the past. But what happened within an hour, can also change the person's mood, point of view, and even the fate of the future. The story of an hour (Kate Copin) which very appropriate proved this point. In this story, Mrs. Mallard after learned that her husband had died because of the train accident. She go to the bedroom with grief, but in her heart deeply is comfortable after she realize that she was freedom, but freedom is short, because her husband’s return which destroy her dream of freedom, the collapse and despair of the moment cause Mrs.Mallard on the path of death.

Mrs. Mallard is a woman with a heart disease, the people around her always want to protect her, such as her sister and her husband’s friend. But everybody don't know, compared with meticulous care, she prefers to have all of her own life. When her sister told her that her husband's death. “she wept at once, with sudden, wild abandonment, in her sister’s arm”,and then she go to her room alone. She didn't realize her freedom now, because her husband's death blow to her is too heavy. “the stare in her eyes”, the exhaustion body, Perhaps in the past her dependence on her husband makes she felt at a loss, although she prefers self independence. Just like her name. A bird before being released

from a case, they must be so anxious like this.

Then everything change when Mrs. Mallard look outside the opening window, “the delicious breath of the rain was in the air.”, “in the street below a peddler was crying his wares.”. This sense which full of vitality and new life, let her gradually grope to the idea that hidden in her heart: “Free, free,free.”. “they stayed keen and bright. Her pulses beat fast, and the coursing blood warmed and relaxed every inch of her body.”. She was finally free, nothing can limit her to start her new life, even she began to pray for her might live longer. The moment to open the window, just like the case door is open to life outside. But this freedom time not for long, because of her husband’s back. Her husband didn’t dead in the beginning. In the moment her husband came back, She lost her freedom again, It is more terrible than never get free. It suddenly happened let her no longer withstand the blow in her soul. Ironically, the doctor diagnosed her died of euphoria. I don't know what the author mean, perhaps this irony is roughly to the doctor and helpless about the world.

Through the story, the things which happen in just one hour, let her to see the hope of life, and then break her hopes. Fate is so heartless and elusive. I think sometimes we can control the fate. But when we can not control the fate, We should enjoy the life to

cherish now. Perhaps in the future there will be an hour completely change your destiny, whether good or bad.

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