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Teaching Objectives

● To identify specific characteristics, appearance, abilities, eating habits and danger in the context of animals

● To develop students’ ability to infer meaning from context and key words

● To listen and develop the ability to extract information in order to complete two fact sheets

● To learn more about the endangered animals

Teaching Procedures

STEP 1 Showing the pictures of tigers and wolves

As we have learned a lot about animals in the unit, in this part we can directly come to the two animals we are going to talk about. Show the pictures of

tigers and wolves one by one and encourage the students to speak out what they know about them.

STEP 2 Listening and completing

Get the students to listen and complete the fact sheets.

STEP 3 Explaining the bold-faced words and expression

Explain the bold-faced words and expressions above to the students. Pay special attention to: ‘yellow fur with black stripes’, ‘live alone’ ‘hunt…for…’

and ‘loss of the living areas’. It is important because students may need these to write or talk about tigers, wolves as well as other animals.

STEP 4 Talking about the two animals

Get the students to talk about the two animals looking at the two facts sheets. Encourage them students to start like this.

Tigers are the largest living cat in the world…..

Wolves are dog-like animals. They are not very big…..

STEP 5 Completing the letter in Part A2

Get the students to complete the letter in Part A2, Page 69.

First, let the students complete the passage by themselves.

Then, get the students to check the answers in pairs.

Afterwards, check the answers in class. The teacher can get two students to read out the facts about tigers and wolves, while the others correcting their


Finally, get the students to read the passage aloud.

STEP 6 Underlining the important phrases

Invite the students to underline the important phrases by themselves. Explain some of the most important ones, like ’write to sb. about doing sth.’ and

‘made sth from sth.’.

STEP 7 Show the students some pictures of the animals we have leaned. Encourage them to talk about the animals. They can talk about their

appearance, ability, character, food and danger.

Encourage them to ask more people to help protect the animals.

STEP 8 Doing some translation work

STEP 9 Homework

a. Organize the information in the two fact sheets into two passages about tigers and wolves.

b. Find another endangered animal and write about it.

c. Finish off the exercises in the Evaluation Handbook and Learning English.

教学反思 听力对学生很难,主要是学生听的少缺少锻炼。我先让学生看有关信息这样学生再听就有针对性了,听起来也容易些。

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