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The greatest salesman in the world

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The greatest salesman in the world
----by Og Mandino

The first edition, Published in 1963, Was ranked the No.1

By the New York Times

The first Chinese edition, Published in 1996, And I am, One of the earliest readers

The character, Hafis

Born as a shepherd,
but finally a billionaire.

The miserable boy, Whom he saved, Was, The Jesus Christ

Scrolls,羊皮卷 Successology,成功学

The scrolls contains, The most powerful successology, Makes a Diaos, Into a tall-richhandsome guy

The writer, Og Mandino, Was one of the most famous successology author, And, Died in 1996 Conferred to the National Speakers’ Association for fame in 1999

Gains upon reading, 开卷有益 Be the next greatest Salesman!

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