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旁白:once upon a time,there was a story about The Tang Priest (San zang) and his three disciples were on their way to the Western Heaven to obtain Buddhist scriptures.It is said that they have tosuffer 81 struggles。Now,they arrive white tiger moutain

八戒:aixi,The mountain is so high ,when can we go out? Boss ,look! I am so hungry and straving to death.

唐僧:I am hungry ,too.

沙僧:there is no food . (shake your head)



唐僧:get some food ,please

孙悟空:boss ,where can I get some food in such a desolate mountain?

八戒:brother,are you kidding ?you can fly 108000 li (one hundred and eight thousand ),it is so easy for you.

孙悟空:bajie! come here, you are so ignorant ,the mountain is so steep ,I worry about that some ghosts hided in mountain will hurt our boss .how could both of you protect him if I am out of absence?

八戒:Be at ease ,there is no ghost in the so bright day .

唐僧:quick !please !what are you talking about?

孙悟空:ok,boss,Let me have a look in the sky ……oh boss ,there are a piece of place colored red ,may be ,some delicious fruits.i will fetch some for you .

八戒:aha It”s so great! quick! quick!....

旁白:now ,a cloud of dark smoke is rising from a hell

孙悟空:a ,ghost !take care!

猪八戒:where is the ghost?


猪八戒:where is the ghost?

孙悟空:oh I guess that may be the ghost just pass by.

猪八戒:what a joke! The ghosts can also be devided into passers-by and natives?

沙僧:second brother,what the first brother said is right !we could better be cautious in such a mountain!

唐僧:come on !get on your way since there is nothing.

孙悟空:sit down ,please.(paint a circle with his stick),boss ,you would not better get out the circle until I am back.

沙僧:Do not worry ,I will take after of our boss.


妖精1:ghost! ghost! !(fearful look)

唐僧:oh ,girl! do not be afraid.bajie is a good boy although he is a ugle guy

(goast1 stoop to pick up her bread )


妖精1:the boy may be serious hungry ,just take one !

沙僧:second brother ,no(shake his head)

妖精1:the elder ,I am going to send food for my husband ,now that you are hungry ,take one please (bajie shake hands)

妖精1:ok, could you go home with me? my mom will prepare food for you,if no,t mom will criticize me.

唐僧:In that case ,lead the way.

孙悟空:a !goast!(kill the goasts)

唐僧:wukong! 阿弥陀佛 how can you kill such a poor girl

孙悟空:boss,she is s goast in fact.

沙僧:boss ,what frist brother said is right !


妖精2:daughter,daughter,daughter!where are you ?(near tangseng)exause me ,if you have seen a girl on the way?

猪八戒:no ,no ,we do not have a glance

妖精2:oh ,my daughter, my poor daughter ,mercy elder ,please tell me who is the killer? 唐僧:it is all my fault, it is my first disciple。

妖精2:a ,a you !you !return my daughter ,return daughter …..

孙悟空:a ! ghost!(kill the goast)


妖精3:elder,if you have seen my daughter and a wemom on the way?

孙悟空:ghost! You plan to cheat us again .no way!

妖精3:Are both of them died?oh my god! how can I surive alone?

唐僧:I am so sorry ,it is all my fault,it is my frist disciple

妖精3:it is you ,it should be you,how can you do that?

孙悟空: ghost! ghost! ghost!(everyone attempt to stop him tangseng begin to read curse) 旁白:finally ,sunwukong manage to kill the sly goast, but,ignorant tangseng push sunwukong away.

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