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A Great Teacher

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A Great Teacher

It was May 12th, and it was 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Mr.Tan, who was a middle school teacher in Deyang City, was having class in the classroom. But suddenly the classroom was shaking violently. Mr.Tan realized that something terrible had happened. It was earthquake.

At that moment, what he do first was shouting. He asked the students to run quickly, without taking anything. “Be quickly, be quickly.” The students rushed to the classroom and went to the playground. The house shaked more and more violently and the house began to collapse. But there were still four students who failed to rush out. Mr.Tan asked them to go under the desk. The classroom was increasingly collapsing, and Mr.Tan used his body to cover the desk. He used his arms to hug the desk tightly.

Unfortunately, when the rescuers came, the classroom has been in ruins, Mr.Tan died and his four students was survived. They found that Mr.Tan held the desk so tightly that they couldn’t move Mr.Tan away from the desk. They could see that how Mr.Tan was determined to protect his four students. He used his own body to protect the students, he used his life to exchange his four students’ life. He was a great teacher.

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