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We are friends(我们是朋友)

Tommy is turtle. He has no daddy, no mummy and no friends.

Tommy 是一只乌龟。他没有爸爸、妈妈和朋友。

He is crying. A bird comes. She says: “I can fly. Let’s fly!”

他在哭。 一只小鸟过来了。她说:“我会飞,让我们一起飞吧。”

Tommy says: “ no,no, I can’t fly!”

Tommy 说:“不,不,我不会飞。”

A rabbit comes. He says: “ I can jump. Let’s jump!”


Tommy says: “no, no. I can’t jump!”


A monkey comes. He says:“I can climb the tree. Let’s climb the tree!”


Tommy says: “ no, no. I can’t climb the tree!”


A duck comes. He says: “I can swim. Let’s swim!”


Tommy smiles: “ we are friends!”


Let’s play(让我们一起玩吧)

It’s dark outside, the cat doesn’t want to sleep. 外面已经天黑了, 可是小猫不想睡觉 “rabbits,rabbits! Let’s play!” “兔子,兔子!让我们一起玩吧”

“no,we are sleeping.” “不,我们要睡觉”

“birds,birds! Let’s play!” “小鸟,小鸟!让我们一起玩”

“no, we are sleeping.” “不,我们要睡觉”

“bears,bear. Let’s play!” “小熊,小熊,让我们一起玩吧”

“no, we are sleeping.” “不,我们要睡觉”

No one wants to play. The cat has to go home and sleep 没有人想要玩。小猫只要回家去睡了 In the forest(在森林里)

It’s a sunny day. The animals are meeting in the forest. 天气晴朗。动物们正在森林里开运动会 The deer can run fast. The frogs can jump high. 小鹿能跑得很快。 青蛙能跳得很高 The elephant can carry wood with their noses. 大象能用它们的长长的鼻子搬运木头 The snakes can swim on the land and in the river. 蛇 能在地上走,也能在水里游 The cats can climb the tree. 猫能爬树 The lions can walk 狮子能走

They are having a sports meeting. 它们正在举行运动会

Are you??(你是。。。?)

The animals are playing hide-and-seek in the forest.

动物们 正在 森林里玩捉迷藏

“Where are you ,rabbits?” the rabbits are hiding.

“你们在哪,小兔子们?” 小兔们藏起来了。

“where are you, chicks?” the chicks are hiding. “你们在哪,小鸡们?” 小鸡藏起来了 “where are you,tigers?” the tigers are hiding.

“你们在哪,老虎?” 老虎藏起来了

Suddenly, the fox caught someone, 突然,狐狸 抓住了一个

“ are you a tiger?” the fox asked. “你是老虎吗?” 狐狸问道

“no,no,no!” “are you tall?” “不,不,不!” “你很高吗?” “no,I’m short”


“oh, you’re the rabbit!” “哦,你是兔子!”



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