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姓名 _________ 班级 _________ 成绩___________

听力部分 30’

一 听音选择,将正确序号填入题前括号内。 (4’)

( )1. A.[ e ] B. [ ? ] C.[ I ]

( )2. A.[? ] B.[ u: ] C. [ u ]

( )3. A. you B. your C. yours

( )4. A .baseball B. basketball C. ball

二 听音判断,正确“T”,错误“F”。 (10’)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

三 听音,写出相应的句意。 (16’)

1._________________________ 2._______________________

3._________________________ 4._______________________

5._________________________ 6._______________________

7._________________________ 8._______________________


一 重组单词,再写出相应的汉语意思。 (12’)

1.r,a,g,n,e,o ______ _______ 2.u,i,q,t,l _____ _______ 3.o,m,n,r,n,g,i_____ ______

4.e,g,r,e,n ______ _______ 5.s,p,l,l,e_____ _______ 6.k,l,i,e _____ _______

二 写出下列词的正确形式(15’)

be(动词的三种形式) _____/_____/______ watch(复数)_______ he( 宾格)_______ my(名词性物主代词)________ boy(对立词)______ Let’s(完全形式)________

is not(缩写形式)______ he is(缩写形式)______ have(单三)______ knife( 复数)______ sheep(单数)_______ child(复数)_______ five(序数词)_____

三 单选 (16’)

( ) 1.What’s this ____ English? A. in B. on C. with

( ) 2.-____ this your ruler? - Yes, it is. A. is B. Is C. Do.

( ) 3.My name is Jenny Brown. Do you known what my first name is _____.

A. Jenny B. Brown C. Jenny Brown

( ) 4.-How are you? -______. A. I’m five. B. I’m fine. C. He’s OK.

( ) 5.I ____ a girl. He ____ a boy. A. am, is. B. are ,is C. am, are

( ) 6.What’s this? It’s ______. A. a orange B. an orange C. the orange

( ) 7.What colour is it? It’s ______. A. black B. on the table C. a bird

( ) 8.Two and three is _____. A. eleven B. twelve C. thirteen

( ) 9.This is a girl. _____ name is Linda. A. her B. Her C. his

( ) 10.I ____ like here and he _____ like here, too.

A. don’t , don’t B. don’t , doesn’t C. doesn’t, don’t

( )11.There is ____ “u” in the word umbrella. A.a B.an C.the

( ) 12.He____ a sister.I ____ a brother. A.have,has B.has,have C.have,have

( )13.These are ____. Those are _____.

A.Chinese , Japanese B.Chineses, Japaneses C.China, Japan

( )14.I have many ______. A. mouse B. mise C. mice

( )15.Today is my _____ birthday. A. twelve B. twelfth C. twelveth

( )16.My father’s brother is my ______. A. cousin B. uncle C. aunt

四 将下列句子改写为一般疑问句 (14’)

1. This is a map._____________________ 2. I can ride a bike.___________________

3. I have a pen. ______________________ 4. He has a pencil.____________________

5. It’s a backpack.____________________ 6. She likes blue._____________________

7. I like red. ________________________

五 连线 (7’)

Where is my backpack? It’s black.

What color do you like? It’s on the table.

What color is your bag? I like blue.

Does he live in Lanzhou? I’m fine.

How old are you? Yes, he does.

How are you? I’m five.

Let’s play volleyball. That’s sound good.


I have a small room. It is clean bright. There are two chairs. A desk and a bed are in the room. The door is here. The window is there., I have a computer. It is on the desk. There are some books and a bag on the desk, too/.The chairs are near the desk. The bed is near the window. Under the bed there is a ball and my shoes.

I have a picture and a photo in my room. The picture is on the wall near the window. There are some big trees and red flowers in the picture. It is a photo of my family. There are four people in my family. They are my grandma, my father, my mother and I, It is a nice photo. In the evening I learn my lessons and do my homework in my room. I like my room very much.

( ) 1.How is my room? ____

A. It’s big and clean B. It’s big and bright

C. It’s small but clean D. It’s small and dark

( )2.How many chairs are there in my room?

A. Only one B. Two C. Four D. We don’t know

( ) 3.What’s on the desk?

A. A computer and some books. B. Some books and a picture.

C. A photo and bag D. Some flowers and some books.

( )4.Where are my shoes?

A. They’re near the window. B. They’re under the chair.

C. They’re under the desk. D. They’re under the bed.

( )5.How many people re there in my family?

A. Four B. Five C. Six

( )6.When do you lean lessons?

A. In my classroom B. In my classroom C. In living room

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