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where is our mummy

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It is spring. There are many animals playing around the pond. Frog:I am a frog.I am green.I have two big eyes and a big tummy.I like to eat flies. I have to work now but my baby are still sleeping.Goodbye my kids.I will be back soon.

Ater several days. The frog did’t back.The little tadpoles wake up. They are looking for their mummy .They saw the ducklings playing with their mother.They are very happy.

D1: Mummy!Mummy! I’m here!

D2:I’m here!

MD:Good boy! Come here and eat some food.


D2&D1:Mummy! We are also hungry.

D1:I want to eat fish.

D3:Me too.

The little tadpoles are coming. They think the mother duck is their mummy.They run to the mother duck.


D1D2D3:Go away! She is our mummy.

MD:Be nice to them. Hello!Little tadpoles.You are so cute. Tadpoles:Thank you !

MD: But I am not your mummy.

Tadpoles:Where is our mummy?

MD:I’m sorry I don’t know. Your mummy has a big tummy and two big eyes.She can swim very fast in the water.

Tadpoles:Thank you aunti!

We are going to look for our mummy.Goodbye!

Md: You are welcome

D1D2D3D4 MD:Good luck!bye!

A golden fish is swimming very fast in the water and she has a big tummy and two big eyes.

Tadpole1:A big tummy and two big eyes.She must be our mummy. Come on!


Golden fish:I’m sorry.But I am not your mummy. Your mummy is green and she has four legs. She can walk on the land. Tadpoles:Goodbye auntie!

Golden fish:good luck,my kids.Goodbye.

After severl days.The little tadpoles still didn’t find their mummy. The are so tired and sad.

Tadpole1:wuwu, we can ‘t find our mummy. We can’t walk on the land .My dear mummy where are you now?

Tadpole2:Don'’t cry anymore my little brother. Never give up. I’m sure we can find our mummy.

Tadpoles1:Look! Who’s that sitting on the stone !

Tadpole2:she is green and has four legs.

Tadpole1:She must be our mummy .


Turtle:Oh,My kids.but I’m not your mummy. Your mummy can jump high but I can’t .

Tadpoles:Where is our mummy .We miss our mummy so much. Turtle:Don’t worry ,I know where she is. Please follow me ! Look ! That’s your mummy.

There is a frog sitting on the stone.

Tadpoles:No,she is not our mummy .we are different.

Frog:oh my dear babies! Come here.I am your mummy,and look at yourself. We are the same now .you are green and have four legs,two big eyes. Let’s go and jump on the land.

Tadpoles: we can jump now .Mummy!Mummt

Frog: you have a good job.

The little padpoles turn to the frogs now. And they find their mummy.

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