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Dandelion and proud

A dandelion in the valley, one day, a bird flew in from

outside the mountain, living in his side. Birds sing beautiful

melodies every day, free flying in the sky, he is very proud to feel himself is perfect, many small animals envied him.



One day, the proud bird found this elegant dandelion,

dandelion is popular with everybody's like, often around many friends around you. He knew the dandelion is an object of admiration for the people, the in the mind very not taste, have envy and jealousy, and hate. Birds eyeball to bone, meter in my heart, he thought of a very evil note: hum, as long as make a fool of dandelion in public, will help people to worship him. Then he cried at the dandelion: man long time no see! PuGong premier league proud bird looked at in the past, see his mouth has a evil smile. The proud bird of dandelion loudly say: what would you? But will sing? To we see? Dandelion say: dear Mr Bird, I what all can't, I just want to do what you like! The proud bird was very surprised, grew up in the mouth, proposed a proud of dandelion also like him.


先生,我什么都不会,我只想做自己喜欢的事!骄傲的鸟非常惊讶,长大了嘴巴,提议为蒲公英也和他一样骄傲。 Sure enough, the dandelion constantly growing, in the fall, a gust of wind blowing, dandelion became handfuls of parachute, they waved farewell to their like birds, started his journey. The bird alone, in the autumn wind...


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