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注意: 不用介词表示的词组:

如:Did you do your homework last night?

I am going to Beijing next Sunday.

What are you going to do this afternoon?

三、 表示地点位置的介词

1. at+小地方: at home; at school; at the bus stop; at the library;

2. in+大地方: in China; in Zhaoqing;


1. listen to---听 write to----写; look at-----看;

Please listen to me. 请听我讲。

I will write to you later. 我晚点会写信给你的。

Please look at the picture 让看着这幅图。

2. in +科目:

in English: What's this in English? 这用英语怎么说?

in black clothes 穿黑色衣服

3. for +动词ing: Thank you for helping me. 谢谢你帮我。

for+某人:I'll make a card for my teacher. 我要给老师做张卡片。 for+早午晚餐: It’s time for breakfast. =It’s time to have breakfast.

4. about

1) 大约: It’s about six o'clock now. 现在大约6点钟了。

2) 关于: We are talking about the news. 我们正在谈论新闻。

3) 对于: What about you? 你呢?

5. by +交通工具(by bike/bus/car/plane/train) on foot

I go to school by bus. 我乘公共汽车去上学。

6. like

1) 像……样: He looks like his father. 他像他的父亲。

2) 怎样: What's the weather like? 天气怎样。

7. of 表示所属关系: This is a photo of my family. 这是一张我家的照片。

8. to

1) He walks to the window. 他走向窗户。

2) Please count from ten to thirty. 请从10数到30.

3) Happy New Year to you. 大家新年好。


1) 和: Could you go home with me? 你能和我一起回家吗?

2) 表示伴随状态,带有: Who's that girl with glasses? 那位戴眼睛的女孩是谁?

3) He helped me with the packbag.

4) What’s wrong with you?




1. Tom gets up_____ seven every morning.

2. ________ Sunday morning, he played football with his friends.

3. What’s wrong ________ you?

4. There is something wrong ________ my back.

5. He often helps me ________ my English.

6. It’s time ________ breakfast.

7. Can you sing a song ________ English?

8. He looks ________ his father.

9. Please listen ________ me carefully.

10. It’s too cold. Don’t take ________ your coat.

11. I go to school ________ foot every day.

12. He sits ________ Tom and Mary.

13. I work ________ Monday ________ Friday.

14. He is ill, so he is staying ________ bed.

15. Don’t be late ________ this meeting.

16. Tony is ________ Canada.

17. Betty is English. What ________ you?

18. Who’s the woman ________ the black dress?

19. Where do you come ________?

20. Do the students stay ________ home ________ Saturday?

21. My mother cut the cake ________ a knife.

22. The meeting ended ________ 6:00 p.m.

23. We’ll play football _________ class.

24. Go __________ this road, turn left ________ the first crossing.

25. Can you tell me the way ________ the zoo?

26. —where are you from?

—I am ________ Beijing.

27. Let’s count the numbers ________ one ________ fifty.

28. —Where shall we meet?

—We’ll meet ________ home.

29. I live _______ Zhaoqing.

30. This is a map ______ China.

31. Happy birthday ______ you.

32. Thanks _____ telling me.

33. It’s cool ____ fall.

34. The dog swam ______the kite and returned the kite _____ me.

35. The birds are singing _____ the tree.

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