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Module 6 课后小测验

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Module 6 课后小测验

I. Choose the right answer

1. I _________ my teacher that I did want to learn any more.

A. has phoned B. have phoned C. am phoning D. was phoning

2. I can ________ imagine what you have done.

A. hardly B. hard C. almost D. nearly

3. Let’s _________ down this street.

A. walking B. to walk C. walk D. walked

4. Can you ________ to Huangshan? It’s very dangerous.

A. climb up B. to climb up C. climbing up D. climbed up

5. I wish you can look after __________.

A. myself B. oneself C. yourself D. himself

6. My mother often asks me __________ early.

A. get up B. got up C. getting up D. to get up

7. Her father decided _________ his holidays in Beijing.

A. spend B. spending C. to spend D. spent

8. After finishing your paper, look it over to _________ there are no mistakes.

A. find out B. try out C. make sure D. think about

9. After the P.E. class, the teacher offered us something ________.

A. drink B. drinking C. drunk D. to drink

10. Helen wasn’t feeling well. I told her ________ in bed till supper time.

A. stayed B. stay C. staying D. to stay

11. The teacher often warns the boy ____________ swim ________ in the sea because it’s dangerous.

A. don’t ; alone B. not; by himself C. not to; by himself D. not to; lonely

12. We are always ready _________ others.

A. to helping B. to help C. help D. helping

13. There are some books on the floor. Will you please _________ for me?

A. to pick up it B. to pick them up C. pick up it D. pick them up

14. Great changes _________ the last two years.

A. have taken place C. have happened B. have been taken place D. have taken the place of

15. Excuse me, would you please tell me _________ buy a digital camera?

II. Correct the sentence.

1. Jim doesn’t understand which are the way to the museum.

2. These photos will show you how is our city.

3. Could you tell me when you will sent the fridge to my home?

4. Mr. King didn’t know when his son come here.

5. We were going to Beijing tomorrow.

6. The doctor said that the disease bird flu(禽流感) will overspread if we couldn’t do something with it.

7. Could you tell me where does he live?

8. She asked them waking her up at six o’clock in the morning.

9. Can you tell me whom is she waiting for?

10. The teacher told the students don’t talk in class.

III. Cloze

Not everyone has a chance to be a detective(侦探) But I got one when I was thirteen years old. It happened to 1988.

One afternoon, I was walking down the street when I saw my father’s new car. I __1__ to see my father, but to my surprise, I saw a young woman driving instead. “She has stolen my father’s car.” I thought. So I quickly stopped a taxi and got in. I said to the driver, “Follow that new car __2__ ,” and I told him why.

The taxi driver had a car phone, so I asked him to call the police. Soon we heard the __3__ of a police car and its loudspeaker. The police told the woman to stop her car. Our car came to a stop, too. I __4__ right then and said to the woman, “It’s not your car. It’s my __5__.”

The woman smiled and said, “Oh, you’re Mr. Johnson’s younger son, right? I’ve ever seen your photo in your father’s office.” A. what to B. where to C. what I can D. where can I

Before I could say __6__ word, the woman explained that she was my father’s new assistant. My father had asked her to take his computer to the shop to have it __7__ . He lent her his car. After hearing her words, we called my father and he told us what she said was __8__ . The police and the taxi driver laughed. I __9__ very sorry. It was both the first and the last time I worked as a __10__ . Don’t you think my story is funny?

1. A. expect B. expected

2. A. afterB. in front

3. A. noise

4. A. got in

5. A. father C. think D. thought C. at the back D. at the back of D. sound B. voice C. cry B. got into C. got out D. got away D. father’s B. motherC. mother’s

6. A. another B. other C. else

7. A. repair

8. A. wrong B. repaired D. others C. repairs D. repairing D. truly B. really C. true

C. fell 9. A. felt B. feel D. fallen

10. A. student B. policeman C. driver D. detective

IV. Reading


Joe wanted a bike. He had asked his parents for the money and they had said he must earn it. But how?

He thought about this as he walked home. Not many people wanted to ask children to work for them. Maybe he could clear away snow for the neighbours. But this was summer. He would wait for that. He couldn’t cut grass for their gardens because he had no tool to do the work with.

Then Joe saw one of his classmates Dick delivering newspapers. I could do that, he thought. Maybe I could get the bike right away. I could pay for it a little each week. He ran to catch up with Dick. Joe asked a lot of questions about having a paper route. He learned that the job took about three hours each night. Dick gave him the phone number of the newspaper manager.

Joe almost flew home. After he had explained his plan, his mother smiled, “I think it’s a great idea,” she said, “I’ll call the newspaper…”.

“Wait, Mum,” Joe said, “I’ll call. After call, I’m going to be a business man now.”

1. From the story we learn that Joe ___________.

A. sold newspaper

B. liked to read newspaper

C. was a business man

D. was a student

2. Joe wanted to get a job that summer because __________.

A. he needed money for school

B. he wanted to buy a bike for himself

C. his parents were poor

D. he wanted to be a business man

3. How was he to get the money? He would __________.

A. clear away the snow for his neighbours

B. cut grass for their garden

C. ask his parents for it

D. have a paper route.

4. His parents didn’t give him the money because __________.

A. they did not have the money.

B. they didn’t want him to have any money of his own

C. they wanted him to earn the money himself

D. they didn’t want him to be a business man

5. If Joe took a job like Dick’s, he would have to work __________.

A. nearly three hours every evening

B. about three hours every morning

C. twenty-five hours a week

D. six hours a day


No. 4 Middle School

Kuming, Yunan April 2nd, 2002

Dear editor,

I live in a beautiful city. Many visitors come to my city. There are so many colourful peacocks here.

The peacocks mostly live on the grass land of Dongfeng Square. They are given food freely by visitors. The usually throw food to them, and don’t think about at all whether the food is right or not. Some of the peacocks became ill, some even died after eating the bad food given by the visitors.

I’m sure most of the visitors who throw food to the peacocks really like the birds, but don’t realize that they may be doing them harm.

The visitors should he told that what they have done is very harmful to the birds and this kind of thing most be stopped from happening.

Perhaps we can build some small shops beside Dongfeng Square to sell peacock food. For us every person, it’s our duty to give more love to these beautiful birds and to look after them carefully.


Sun Yan

1. Many visitors come to the writer’s city to __________.

A. do some shopping

B. see beautiful peacocks

C. play on Dongfeng Square

D. eat nice food

2. Some peacocks became ill and died because some visitors __________.

A. didn’t give them any food.

B. gave them too much food

C. threw them some bad food

D. loved them and played with them

3. Some shops can be built beside Dongfeng Square so that they may __________

A. sell food for visitors

B. sell food for peacocks

C. make the square more beautiful

D. have the beautiful birds

4. From the passage we know people should __________.

A. live and play with the birds

B. stop the birds from eating too much

C. give right food to the birds

D. give more food to the birds

5. We can guess the writer of the letter, Sun Yan , may be a _________.

A visitor B. shopkeeper

C. square keeper



1—5 BACAD 6—10 DCCDD


1. are—is 2. is our city—our city is 3. sent—send

4. come—came 5.were—are 6. will—would

7. does he live—lives 8. waking—to wake

9. is she—she is 10. don’t talk—not to talk


1—5 BBDCD 6—10 ABCAD




11—15 CBDAB D. student

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