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Module 6课后小测

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Module 6课后小测


( )1. She said _________.

A. that she is from China B. that her mother will come to see her

C. China was an exciting place.

( )2.If he _____ to bed late, his mother will feel happier.

A. will stop going B. stops going C. stops to go

( )3. I don’t know if it______ fine tomorrow. If it ______, we will go hiking.

A. will be, won’t rain B. is, isn’t rain C. will be, doesn’t rain

( )4.—Do you know if ___ to the meeting tomorrow?

--- I’m not sure. If he ______, I’ll call you.

A. comes, will come B. will come , comes C. will come, will come

( )5.My teacher told me that ___________.

A. Linda has learnt English for ten years

B. London will hold the Olympic Games in 2010

C. the sun rises from the east

( )6. ---What did your mother say on the phone?

---- She asked _____.

A. Why did I fail the exam B. why I failed the test

C. if I have passed the exam

( )7. The whole class will go hiking_____ Daming. He caught a bad cold.

A. except B. except for C. besides

( )8. I feel a bit ____ after taking two _______ pills.

A. sleeping, sleepy B. sleepy, sleeping C. asleep, sleepy

( )9.When he wake up,he found Jack was still_________.

A. sleep B. wake C. asleep

( )10. Look! Our teacher is sitting ___ alll the students and talking with them.

A. among B. between C. in

( )11. The lake is lying ________ the two cities.

A. among B. between C. on

( )12. Young students should work hard ____ playing games every day.

A. instead B. instead of C. but

( )13.There is ______ rain in summer in the south of China.

A. many B. a lot C. plenty of

( )14. Bloom acted well in this film, and he made the main character ______.

A. to believe B. believable C. unbelievable

( )15.Chinese people were cheering at the most ____ moment when Liu Xiang

broke the world record.

A. exciting B. excited C. excite

( )16. Every day we have ____ homework to do, and most of it is _____ difficult

for us.

A. too much, much too B. too many, too much C. much too, too much


1. 这篇文章除了拼写以外,其他都不错。

The composition is quite good _______________ the spelling.

2. 他们的演出非常真实地反映了生活。

Their performance ______________________________.

3. 这药使他非常困倦,所以他睡觉去了。

The medicine __________________________, so he went to bed.

4. 我的爷爷总是担心他的健康。

My grandpa is always ____________ his health.

5. 我妈妈经常建议我多看英语电影。

My mother often________ me ___________more English movies.

6. 昨天我们聚会上玩得很开心。

Yesterday we ________________ at the party.

7. 你不记得他犯了多少错误了吗?

Don’t you remember how many mistakes ___________________________?

8. 面临苦难,我们每一个同学都应该尽力解决。

Every one of us should try to solve difficulties when we _____________________



Have you seen the movie The Road to El Dorado? It is a funny tale of friendship and adventure.

In the film, Tulio and Miguel win a map to El Dorado, the city of gold. The naughty boys believe that they have found a way to money. There’s only one problem---they’ve been locked somewhere on a Spanish ship . Luckily , they leave the ship and meet a clever horse named Altivo. Altivo helps them get to El Dondo. Tulio and Miguel are very happy. They think that the best day is coming . However, after they get into the city, they find their troubles are just beginning.

It’s a cartoon movie, so there are no actors in The Road to El Dorado, However, after watching it , Tulio and Miguel will be the most famous stars in many chilren’s hearts.

1. What kind of movie is A. An action movie. B. An adventure movie

C.A musical movie D. A romantic movie

2. What is El Dorado?

A. It is a boy. B. It is a ship

C. It is a place D. It is a horse

3. How do Tulio and Miguel get the map?

A. They pick it up from the ground B. Thy buy it from a shop

C. They get it from the sea D. They win it in a competition

4. How do the boys get to the city of gold?

A. With the help of a captain B. With the help of a horse

C. With the help of a child D. Without anyone’s help.

5. Who are the main movie audiences?

A.Children B. Parents C. Stars D. The old



1-5 CBCBC 6-10 BABCA 11-16 BBCBAA


1.except for

2. is very true to life

3. made him very sleepy

4. worried about

5. advises, to see / suggests , seeing

6. had a good time / enjoyed ourselves

7. he has made

8. come face to face with



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