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一、语音 (5)

( )1. A. right B.night C. eight D. might

( )2. A. shoulder B. should C. show D. yellow

( )3. A. want B. water C. watch D. hot

( )4. A.houses B. horses C. classes D. buses

( )5. A. world B. forty C. sports D. morning

二、词组翻译 (10)

1、警察局 the 2、觉得累

3、一个阅览室 a 4、昨夜

5、画一个正方形 a 6、温暖的春天

7、准备吃午饭be lunch

8、国庆节计划 for

9、在六月三日 the of

三、选择填空 (10)

( ) 1.This is bedroom .

A. Su Hai and Su Yang B. Su Hai’s and Su Yang

C. Su Hai and Su Yang’s D. Su Hai’s and Su Yang’s

( ) 2.There is “s” in the word “bus”.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( ) 3. —Hello ! Is that Sam ? —No , Bob .

A. I’m B. you’re C. this is D. that is

( ) 4. It’s watch . It’s bigger than .

A. she ; me B. her ; my C. her ; mine D. hers ; mine

( ) 5.We see sun at night .

A. can ; / B.can’t ; the C. can ; the D. can’t ; a

( ) 6.—Is this dress ? —No , dress is yellow .

A. her ; her B. hers ; hers C. yours ; my D. her ; my

( ) 7. Li Ming taller than GaoShan three years ago .

A. Is B. Was C. Does D. Did

( ) 8.Tom is behind me.My brother is in front of me.So I am them .

A. behind B. in front of C. near D. between

( ) 9. The students are PE.

A. good at B. do well in C. good for D. better at ( ) 10. ruler is my favourite ? —The blue one .

A. What B. Which C. Whose D. Who’s

四、情景匹配 (10)


( ) 1.Who is taller , you or Yang Ling ? A. You can take bus No.3 .

( ) 2. How can I get to the park ? B. You can go there by bus .

( ) 3. Who runs faster than GaoShan ? C. YangLing is .

( ) 4. Which bus shall I take ? D. YangLing does .

( ) 5. Would you like to join us ? E. Yes , I’d like to . B

( ) 1. Where are you going ? A. It’s on the 1st of May .

( ) 2. What are you going to do ? B. I’m going to go shopping .

( ) 3. Can I know your address ? C. It’s the 1st of May .

( ) 4. When’s May Day ? D. Of course .

( ) 5. What’s the date today ? E. I’m going to the shop .

五、改错 (5)


( )1.Would you like go with us ?


( )2.Can we have any writing paper ?


( )3.Does Ben and his brother like cartoons ?


( )4.It’s hot and often rains in summer .


( )5.I give her a fax number yesterday .



Tom is an A boy . He s English . He a can speak a little Chinese . He came to China with his p . They are l in Beijing now . Tom is s in a primary school in Beijing . His father is a teacher . He is t English in a middle school . His mother is a housewife , she w at home . Tom likes p games and c are his favourite shapes .



It Day yesterday . We a party at school .



Mr White will China year .


I a present yesterday . It my mum .



Nancy her ?

She insects . Sometimes she the Internet . She can

a lot it .


Do exercise , you’ll get .

八、阅读理解 (10)


Most English people have three names: a first name, a middle name and the family name. Their family name comes last. For example, my full name is Jim Allan Green. Green is my family name .My parents gave me both of my other names.

People don’t use their middle names very much. So “John Henry Brown” is usually called “John Brown”. People never use Mr, Mrs or Miss before their first names. So you can say John Brown, or Mr Brown; but you should never say Mr John. They use Mr, Mrs or Miss with the family name but never with the first name.

Sometimes people ask me about my name. “When you were born, why did your parents call you Jim?” they ask.” Why did they choose that name?” The answer is they didn’t call Jim. They called me James. James was the name of my grandfather. In England, people usually call me Jim for short. That’s because it is shorter and easier than James.

( )1.Most English people have____ names.

A one B two C three D four

( )2. ____ is Jim’s family name.

A Jim B Green C Allan D James

( )3. English people use Mr, Mrs or Miss with ____ .

A the family name B the first name

C The middle name D the first name and the middle name

( )4. The teacher’s name is Mary Joan Shute. Her students call her ____.

A miss Mary B Miss Joan

C Miss Mary Joan D Miss Shute

( )5. People usually call the writer Jim instead of (代替)James because _____.

A It’s the name of his grandfather

B It’s easier for people call him

C It’s the name that his parents chose for him

D It’s more difficult than James


Today is Thursday . Weekend is coming .The weather forecast(预报) says the weather will be nice on weekend . So my family is going to go on an outing this Saturday .We like climbing very much . It’s good for health(健康) .On Sunday , we will see a puppet show at two thirty in the afternoon . Then we are going to KFC for supper . I like chips and hamburgers . What a wonderful weekend !

1、What day is it tomorrow ?

2、Will the weather be rainy on weekend ?

3、Is climbing good for health ?

4、What time is the puppet show going to start ?

5、Are they going to have supper at home ?

九、完形填空 (5)

The Browns are 1 neighbor (邻居). Mr Brown’s name is John . But when his neighbors talk 2 him , they all call him “ Mr Going to do ” . Do you know 3 ? Mr. Brown always says he is goingto do something , 4 he never does it .

Every Saturday Mr. Brown 5 to the Smiths’ back door and talk to Mr. Smith . He always says he is goingto do something .

“I’m going to clean my house today ,” he says , or , “I am going to wash my car tomorrow , ” or , “These trees in front of my house are 6 big . I am going to cut them down next week .”

Mr. Smith always says , “Are you ,John ? ”He knows his neighbor is not going to clean his house , or wash his car , or cut down 7 trees . Then he says , “ Well , 8 , John , I am going to do some work in the house . ” and he 9 .

Mr. And Mrs. Smith often say to their only child Dick , “Are you going to do something ? Then do it ! 10 another ‘Mr.



( ) 1. Smith ,the Smiths ,Smiths ,the Smiths’

( ) 2. like, to, about, over

( ) 3. how, which, what, why

( ) 4. or, and, but, so

( ) 5. go, going, goes, is going

( ) 6. two, many, a lot of ,too

( ) 7. much, some, any, a little

( ) 8. excuse, hello ,thank you, sorry

( ) 9. is, do ,will, does

( ) 10. Be not, Do be not, Don’t be, Be not do


一、听录音,选出你听到的选项(听两遍 10)

1、left 2、listen 3、heacier 4、Saturday 5、meet

6、wash 7、go swimming 8、ten to four

9、It often rains . 10、I’m going along Nanjing Road.

二、听录音,判断图片内容是否与录音内容相符,相符的用T表示,不符的用F表示(听两遍 5)


三、听录音,选出正确的应答句(听两遍 5)

1、What’s the weather like today ?

2、Thank you .

3、Can I have some writing paper ?

4、Where were the shoes just now ?

5、Where are the boys now ?

四、根据听到的对话及问题,选择正确的答句(听两遍 5)

1、A: I’m 165 cm . How tall are you , Yang Ling ?

B: I’m 162 cm .

Q: What ‘s the height of Yang Ling ?

2、A: Mike , it’s time to go to school . You should take an umbrella . B: All right . Goodbye , mum .

Q: What’s the weather like now ?

3、A: What did you do at Christmas ?

B: I had a party .

A: Tomorrow is New Year’s Day . What are you going to do ? B: I’m going to the park .

Q: What date is it today ?

4、A: Excuse me , where’s the theatre ?

B: It’s over there . That’s a short walk . You can walk t here . A: Thank you .

Q: How does the woman get to the theatre ?

5、A: What are you going to do tomorrow ?

B: I’m going to visit my grandma with my parents .

A :Where does your grandma live in ?

B: She lives in a small town .

Q: Who lives in a small town ?

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