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中国文化常见翻译 @Jason小帅帅_

风水 Fengshui; geomantic omen 阳历 Solar calendar 阴历 Lunar calendar 闰年 leap year 十二生肖zodiac

春节 the Spring Festival 元宵节 the Lantern Festival 清明节 the Tomb-sweeping Day 端午节 the Dragon-boat Festival 烽火台 beacon tower

秦士台皇陵 the Mausoleum of Emperor Qinshihuang

兵马俑 Terracotta Warriors and Horses 大雁塔 Big Wild Goose Pagoda 丝绸之路the Silk Road 敦煌莫高窟Mogao Grottoes 华清池 Huaqing Hot Springs 五台山"Wutai Mountain 九华山 Jiuhua Mountain 蛾眉山Mount Emei 母系氏族社会 matriarchal clan society 封建的feudal 朝代 dynasty 秦朝 Qin Dynasty 汉朝 Han Dynasty 唐朝 Tang Dynasty 宋朝 Song Dynasty 元朝 Yuan Dynasty 明朝 Ming Dynasty 清朝 Qing Dynasty

秦士台皇帝 Emperor Qinshihuang; the 中秋节 the Mid-autumn Day 重阳节 the Double-ninth Day 七夕节 the Double-seventh Day 春联 spring couplets 庙会 temple fair 爆竹 firecracker

年画(traditional) New Year pictures 压岁钱 New Year gift-money 舞龙dragon dance

元宵 sweet sticky rice dumplings 花灯 festival lantern 灯谜 lantern riddle 舞狮 lion dance 踩高跷 stilt walking 赛龙舟 dragon boat race 胡同hutong

山东菜 Shandong cuisine 川菜 Sichuan cuisine 粤菜 Canton cuisine 扬州菜 Yangzhou cuisine 月饼 moon cake 年糕 rice cake

油条 deep-fried dough sticks 豆浆 soybean milk 馒头 steamed buns

花卷 steamed twisted rolls 包子 steamed stuffed buns 北京烤鸭 Beijing roast duck 拉面 hand-stretched noodles 馄饨 wonton (dumplings in soup) 豆腐 tofu? bean curd 麻花 fried dough twist 烧饼 clay oven rolls

皮蛋 100-year egg; century egg 蛋炒饭 fried rice with egg 糖葫芦 tomatoes on sticks 火锅hot pot

长城 the Great Wall of China

泰山 Mount Tai

黄山 Mount Huangshan; the Yellow Mountain

故宫 the Imperial Palace 天坛 the Temple of Heaven 午门 Meridian Gate 大运河 Grand Canal 护城河the Moat 回音壁Echo Wall 居庸关 Juyongguan Pass 九龙壁 the Nine Dragon Wall

黄帝陵 the Mausoleum of Emperor Huangdi 十三陵 the Ming Tombs 苏州园林 Suzhou gardens 西湖 West Lake

九寨沟 Jiuzhaigou Valley 日月潭 Sun Moon Lake 布达拉宫Potala Palace 鼓楼 drum tower

四合院 quadrangle; courtyard complex 孔庙 Confucius Temple 乐山大佛 Leshan Giant Buddha

十八罗汉 the Eighteen Disciples of the Buddha 喇嘛Lama

转世灵重 reincarnated soul boy 中药 traditional Chinese medicine

《黄帝内经》Emperor Huangdi,s Canon of Traditional Chinese Medicine

《神农本草经》Shennong,s Herbal Classic 《本草纲目》Compendium of Materia Medica 针灸 acupuncture 推拿 medical massage 切脉 feeling the pulse 五禽戏 five-animal exercises 旧石器时代 the Paleolithic Age

新石器时代 the Neolithic Age; New Stone Age

First Emperor of Qin 皇太后 Empress Dowager

汉高祖刘邦 Liu Bang, Emperor Hangaozu, founder of the Han Dynasty 成吉思汗Genghis Khan

春秋时期 the Spring and Autumn Period 文成公主 Tang Princess Wencheng 慈禧太后 Empress Dowager Ci Xi 皇帝,君主 emperor; monarch 诸侯vassal

皇妃 imperial concubine 丞相,宰相 prime minister 太监 court eunuch 少数民族 ethnic minority 祭祀 offer sacrifices 西域 the Western Regions 战国 the Warring States 中华文明 Chinese civilization 文明的摇篮 cradle of civilization 秦始皇统一中国 unification of the country by Emperor Qinshihuang 鸦片战争the Opium War

太平天国 the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom 戌戌变法 the Reform Movement of 1898 辛亥革命 the 1911 Revolution

新民主主义革命 New-democratic Revolution

五四运动 the May 4th Movement of 1919 南昌起义 Nanchang Uprising 918 事变 September 18th Incident 长征 the Long March 西安事变 Xi"an Incident 南京大屠杀Nanjing Massacre

抗日战争 the War of Resistance Against Japan

毛泽东 Mao Tse-tong 孙中山 Sun Yat-sen 蒋介石 Chiang Kai-shek


国民党 Kuomingtang

中华人民共和国 the People’s Republic of China (PRC) 满族 Manchu 蒙古人Mongol

士大夫 scholar-officials 学者 scholar 诗人 poet 政治家statesman 社会地位social status


人大常委会 People’s Congress Standing Committee

法制观念 awareness of law

法制国家 a country with an adequate legal system

改革开放 reform and opening-up 公务员 civil servants

官僚主义作风 the bureaucratic style of work

和谐并存 harmonious coexistence 计划生育 family planning


毕业生分酉己 graduate placement; assignment of graduate 充电 update one’s knowledge 初等教育 elementary education 大学城 college town 大学社区 college community 高等教育 higher education

高等教育“211 工程” the “211 Project” for higher education

高等学府 institution of higher education 多元文化论 cultural pluralism 文化适应 acculturation 社会保障 social security 班车 shuttle bus

相定迁户 a relocated unit or household 大龄青年 single youth above the normal matrimonial age

独生子女 the only child in a family 单亲 single parent

福利彩票 welfare lotteries

家政服务 household management service 民工 migrant laborers 名人 celebrity

农村剩余劳动力 surplus rural labor/laborers 青春期 puberty

全民健身运动 nationwide fitness campaign

全国人口普查 nationwide census 社会保险 social insurance

暂住证 temporary residence permit/card 青少年犯罪 juvenile delinquency 性骚扰 sexual harassment 走私 smuggling

*性另歧视 gender/sexual discrimination 年龄歧视 age discrimination 工作歧视 job discrimination 享乐主义hedonism 文盲 illiteracy

贫富分化 disparity between the rich and the poor

盗版 pirated/illegal copies 一国两制 One Country, Two Systems 三个代表 the Three Represents Theory 两会(人大、政协)Two Conferences (NPC and CPPCC)

南南合作 South-South Cooperation 南北对话 North-South Dialog

计划生育基本国策 the basic state policy of family planning

4青才申文明建设 the construction of spiritual civilization 居委会 neighborhood committee

科教兴国 national rejuvenation through science and education

可持续发展 sustainable development 廉洁高效 honesty and high efficiency 两岸关系 cross-straits relations 两岸谈判 cross-straits negotiations 领 土完整 territorial integrity 民族精神 national spirit 普选制 general election system

求同存异 seek common ground while shelving differences 人大代表NPC member

物质文明和精神文明 material and spiritual civilization 小康社会 a well-off society 小康水平 a well-off standard

一个中国原则 the one-China principle 与时俱进 keep pace with the times 综合国力 overall national strength 共同愿望common desire “走出去”(战略)going global 不结盟 non-alignment 单边主义 unilateralism 多边政策 multilateralism 多极世界 multipolar world 人 口 老龄化 aging of population 人口出生率birth rate 社区月服务 community service 道德法庭 court of ethics 盗用公款embezzlement

成人夜校 night school for adults 在职进修班 on-job training courses 政治思想教育 political and ideological

综合性大学 comprehensive university 文科院校 colleges of (liberal) arts 理工科大学 college / university of science and engineering

师范学院 teachers’ college; normal college

高分低能 high scores and low abilities 高考(university/college) entrance examination

高校扩招 the college expansion plan 教育界 education circle 教育投入 input in education

九年义务教育 nine-year compulsory education

考研 take the entrance exams for postgraduate schools

课外活动 extracurricular activities 必修课 required/compulsory course 选修课 elective/optional course 基础课 basic courses 专业课 specialized courses 课程表 school schedule

教学大纲 teaching program; syllabus 学习年限 period of schooling 学历 record of formal schooling 学分 credit

启发式教学 heuristic teaching 人才交流 talent exchange

人才战 competition for talented people 商务英语证书 Business English Certificate (BEC)

适龄儿重入学率 enrollment rate for children of school age

升学率 proportion of students entering schools of a higher grade; enrollment rate

硕博连读 a continuous academic project that involves postgraduate and doctoral



素质教育 quality-oriented education 填鸭式教学 cramming method of teaching 希望工程Project Hope

走读生 extern; non-resident student 住宿生boarder

研究生 graduate student; post-graduate (student)

应届毕业生 graduating student; current year’s graduate

校园数字化 campus digitalization 校园文化 campus culture

学汉语热 enthusiasm in learning Chinese food)

试管婴儿 test-tube baby 基因哭变 genetic mutation 网络出版e-publishing

三维电影 three-dimensional movie 光谷 optical valley 虚拟银行virtual bank 信息化 informationization

信息高速公路 information superhighway 新兴学科 new branch of science; emerging discipline 纳米 nanometer

个人数字助理 personal digital assistant 停止月服务 closure/shutdown of service 公司歇业 closure of business 道路封闭road closure

人为操作差错 man-made operational mistakes

生态系统 ecosystem

森林生态系统forest ecosystem 海洋生态系统marine ecosystem 垄断价格 to monopolize the price 垄market

限购私用汽车 to curb the purchase of 断


monopolize/forestall/captive/corner the

学历教育 education with record of formal schooling


学前教育 preschool education

学生减负 alleviate the burden on students

应试教育 exam-oriented education 职业道德 work ethics; professional ethics

爷己者招待会press conference 国家教委 State Education Commission 国家统计局 State Statistical Bureau 职业培训job training

职业文盲 functional illiterate

智力引进 recruit/introduce (foreign) talents

智商 intelligence quotient (IQ) 助学行动 activity to assist the impoverished students 网络世界cyber world 网络文化cyber culture 网络犯罪cyber crime 网上购物 online shopping

高产优质 high yield and high quality 高科技园 high-tech park 工业园区 industrial park

火炬计划 Torch Program (a plan to develop new and high technology) 信息港info port

信息革命 information revolution 电子货币e-currency

人工智能 artificial intelligence (AI) 生物技术 bio-technology 克隆 cloning

基因工程 genetic engineering

转基因食品 genetically modified food (GM


生态农业 environment-friendly agriculture

技术密集产品 technology-intensive product

数码科技 digital technology 同步卫星 geostationary satellite 神舟五号载人飞船 manned spacecraft Shenzhou V

风云二号气象卫星 Fengyun II meteorological satellite 登月舱 lunar module

多任务小卫星 small multi-mission satellite (SMMS)

多媒体短信服务 Multimedia Messaging Service ( MMS)

电子商务 e-business; e-commerce 电子管理e-management

办公自动化 Office Automation (OA) 信息高地 information highland 信息检索 information retrieval 电话会议 teleconference 无土栽培 soilless cultivation 超级杂交水稻super-hybrid rice

科技发展 scientific and technological advancement

重点项目key project

国家重点工程 national key projects 南水北调 South-to-North water diversion 西电东送 West-East electricity transmission project

西气东输 West-East natural gas transmission project

网络造谣 fabricating online rumors 恶意侵害他人名誉 maliciously harming the reputation of others

vehicles for private use

汽车限购 vehicle purchase restrictions 汽车购买配额 vehicle purchase quotas 车牌摇号 a lottery for license plates 牌照单双号限行 odd-even license plate system

黑名单制度 a blacklist system

执业医师 practicing physician; licensed doctors

二代身份证 2nd-generation ID cards 防伪技术 anti-forgery technology 非法交易 illegal transaction 冒名顶替 identification fraud 洗钱 money laundering 挂失 to report the loss 补办 to re-apply/post-register 户籍 household registration 居住证 residence permit 山洪暴发flash floods 水位 water level

低洼地区 low-lying areas 淹没农田 to inundate crops 大桥蜂塌 bridge collapse 最

worst-hit/worst-stricken area 直接经济损失direct economic loss 应急系统 emergency response system 闯红灯 running red light

遮挡、污损号牌 blocking or defacing license plates 扣分处罚point penalty 酒驾 drunk driving

终身禁驾 lifetime ban from driving


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