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小升初衔接班专题 ---情景对话


( )1. ---Could you tell me how to get to Xuzhou Railway station, please? (2010三亚)

--- ___________.

A. No, I couldn’t B. Don’t ask me

C. Thank you all the same D. Certainly. You can take the No. 1 bus.

( )2. --- Could you please help me carry the box? It’s too heavy. --- ________.(2010黑龙江绥化市)

A. Sorry, I have no time B. It’s my pleasure

C. With pleasure

( )3.---Would you please help me with my drawing skills?

--- ______. You can come to my studio every Saturday. (2010常州市)

A. That’s all right B. No problem

B. C. No, thanks D. Quite well

( )4. -- Excuse me. May I use your eraser, please?

-- Sure. ______(2010安徽)

A. Watch out! B. Well done!

C. Go ahead. D. Follow me.

( )5. —Can you come to my party on Saturday afternoon?

—___________. I’ll have to help my parents. (2010湖北荆州 1


A.Sorry, I can’t B.Yes, I’d love to

B.C.Let’s go D.No, I don’t think so


( )6 --- Zhao Rui, it’s said that many famous singers will come to Yangzhou on April 18th.

How about watching the evening show there? (2010四川


--- ________! Let’s ask Huang Tao to go with us.

A. Best wishes B. Sounds great

C. Good luck

( )7. --- How about raising money for the people in Yushu, Qinghai? ----________.


A. Good idea B. Enjoy yourself

C. Never mind D. You’re welcome

( )8.---It’s sunny today. How about going hiking?

--- ____ (2010贵州铜仁)

A. Don’t worry! B. Never mind!

C. Not at all. D. Good idea!


( )9.—Maggie,I really love your handwriting. D. That’s OK



A.I practice every day B.Thank you very much

C.No,I don’t think so D.Well,it’s not good enough

( )10. —What can I do for you?

— _________ . (2010广州市)

A. Yes, you can give a skirt to me B. I'd like a skirt

C. No, I can do it myself D. I can do what I


( )11 ---- If you have any trouble, be sure to call me.

---- _______. (2010四川眉山市)

A. I am sorry to hear that B. I will. Thank you very much

C. I have no trouble D. I will think it over

( )12. –Thanks for your help.

--_________. (2010武汉市)

A. No, thanks B. Let me see

C. It doesn’t matter D. That’s OK

( )13. ---- Hi ! Haven’t seen you for ages! You look fine.

---- _______. You look well, too. (2010新疆阜康市)

A. Great B. Thanks C. Oh, no D. Not at all

( )14. --- The party is a great success. We’ve had a good time.

--- _________. (2010江苏盐城)

A. It doesn’t matter B. No, thanks

C. It’s not very good D. I’m glad to hear that.



( )15 --- Hello, this is Tina speaking. Is that Sam?

--- Sorry, he isn’t here at this moment. __________?(2010重庆市)

A. Can I take a message B. What are you saying to Tina

C. May I speak to Sam D. Who’s that speaking

( )16 — Is that Mrs. Green speaking?

— Yes. _______(2010福建龙岩市)

A. Who’s that?


( )17.— Hello! May I speak to Mary, please?

— ____. I’ll go and get her. (2010贵州铜仁)

A. Speaking B. Hold on, please

C. I don’t think so D. Hurry up, please


( )18. --- Your father is sleeping. Would you mind turning down the


--- _________. I’ll do it right away. (2010山东临沂市)

A. Not at all B. Of course

C. No way D. Sounds good

( )19. -- I hope you don't mind my opening the window. (2010安 4 B. I’m Mrs. Green. C. Who are


---- ______ It's much too hot in here.

A. Certainly B. Of course not

C. All right D. Never mind

( )20. — Would you mind passing me some water?

— _______. I’ll do it right now. (2010福建龙岩市)

A. I’m not sure B. Of course not C.





一. 听录音写出所缺的辅音

1. 2. 3.

5. 6. 7.

9. 10. 11.

二. 听录音写出所缺的元音。

1. 2. 3.

5. 6. 7.

9. 10. 11. Enjoy 4. 8. 12. 4. 8. 12. 5

三. 写出听到得音标

1. 2. 3 4.

5. 6. 7. 8.

四. 写出下列单词的复数形式,没有复数的在后面打对号。 1.


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