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where is my mum

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Where is my Mom

It was a warm day in spring.

A baby chick named,

"Bee-bee" was playing in the yard. Just then,

Bee-bee saw a beautiful butterfly. Bee-bee wanted to be friends

with the yellow butterfly.

Bee-bee was chasing after

the yellow butterfly all day.


the yellow butterfly disappeared. Bee-bee went out too far away from the house.


Bee-bee was trying to find her mom. On the way,

She met a dog and she asked,

"Hello dog,did you see my mom?" "What does she look like?"

And then he fell asleep with a yawn. Bee-bee met a frog and asked,

"Hello frog,did you see my mom?" "What does she look like?"

The frog replied,

and then ran into a bush

as if he was in a hurry.


Bee-bee met a cow and asked,

"Hello ,did you see my mom?"

The cow replied,

"Oh well,what does she look like?" The cow seemed

as if she didn't know her mom. When the night came,

Bee-bee hid herself

under a pumpkin tree.

She was very hungry

and scared of the dark.

"mom, I miss you," said Bee-bee and she fell asleep


Next morning, Bee-bee woke up by the animal's crying

But still her mom wasn't there, "Oh dear, where is y mother?"



It was Bee-bee's mother.

"mommy!" said Bee-bee.

Finally,Bee-bee found her mother


Hello,everybody.My name's Polly. I'm in Class three Grade two.

I'm going to tell you a story, the name of the story is"where is my mom"


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